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Lunch At Rambutan Borough Market London SE1

Last week, searching for lunch, we chose to dine at Rambutan, Borough Market, London SE1. This restaurant is celebrated for its unique Sri Lankan diaspora cuisine, cooked over an open flame. The food focus is intensely spicy Tamil dishes from the island’s northern region. The chilly weather heightened our anticipation for the fire-cooked meals, and a glance at the menu revealed a variety of enticing Curries. I’m pleased to report that Chef Cynthia Shanmugalingam didn’t disappoint us. This is her first restaurant bearing the same name as her famous book. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Borough Market or places to try Sri Lankan cuisine near London Bridge, I recommend Rambutan.

rambutan menu

“The menu features a range of spicy and delectable options, from creamy Curries to Mutton Skewers and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. The establishment is committed to using authentic ingredients from Sri Lanka, reputable suppliers and nearby markets to offer a remarkable dining experience,” Homegirl London.

Rambutan Restaurant Menu

charred black muscat grape and curry leaf pachadi rambutan

At Rambutan, you have the option to share a variety of dishes. Catering to our vegetarian and pescatarian preferences, we primarily chose plant-based items. The Charred Black Muscat Grape and Curry Leaf Pachadi was a standout dish with juicy grapes bursting with flavour. They were so juicy I got some on my T-shirt, but that’s normal for me! Meanwhile, meat-eaters might appreciate the Jaffna Swaledale Mutton Skewer or Hotel Nippon Beef and Bone Marrow Rolls. At the same time, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Pol Sambol and Butter Toast is an incredible poultry dish. These were priced at £5-11.70.

rambutan borough market delica pumpkin

We contemplated the vegetarian Curries and chose the Delica Pumpkin over the Pineapple with Mustard Seed, savouring its rich flavour and the subtly spiced sauce. The menu featured other tempting Curries like Black Pork, Tamarind Northern Prawn and Lamb Neck with Aubergine. Curries cost £11.40-£15.80.

rambutan borough market roti

We also ordered a bowl of White Samba Rice and Butter Roti, costing £3.50-4.25.

rambutan borough market red mullet

My partner enjoyed the Slow Grilled Red Mullet with Gorka Puli and Lime Pickle, which was sizeable and perfectly cooked, priced at £15.60.

rambutan fried chickpea with coconut and parsley sambol

We also sampled the Fried Chickpea with Coconut and Parsley Sambol, which had a spicy edge due to the Indonesian Chilli Sauce. The Purple Radish with Persimmon, Lime and Mint Sambol was equally enticing. These cost £7.40-8.20.

rambutan borough market watalappam

For dessert, the sole option was Watalappam Soft Serve Ice Cream, enhanced with Cashew Brittle. Watalappam is a Coconut Custard Pudding incorporating Coconut or Condensed Milk, Jaggery, Cashew Nuts, Eggs and a variety of spices like Cardamom, Cloves and Nutmeg. It tasted amazing; I would definitely order it again. The Soft Serve is £7.50, an additional £1.50 with the Cashew Brittle.

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Helpful Information About Rambutan Borough Market

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For more information, check out the Rambutan website. Their address is 10 Stoney Street, London SE1 9AD, a short walk from London Bridge or Borough Stations. Kitchen hours are Monday to Wednesday, 12 pm to 3 pm and 5 pm to 10.15 pm and Thursday to Sunday, 12 pm to 10.15 pm.

rambutan borough market interiors

The serene interior features earthy colours and natural textures, making it a relaxing place to hang out. Solo diners will enjoy sitting at the counter, while date night diners can cosy up on a table for two. The inviting atmosphere, friendly staff and unique dining experience left a lasting impression, making Rambutan a place worth revisiting.

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