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Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List

I’ve decided to create a Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List to help avoid disappointment for paying guests. The reason is that I’ve just stayed in an Airbnb apartment in Amsterdam, which was advertised as ‘luxury’ but wasn’t. This holiday was with my partner and another couple. We were so disappointed with the two-bedroom apartment that we decided to check into a hotel after one night. It made me think about the entire experience of listing an apartment as luxury and how that raises expectations. I hope this Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List will be helpful to hosts and guests.

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Why You Need A Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List

If you’re listing a home or apartment on Airbnb or any other short-term stay website, you do need to be honest. Is the accommodation really luxurious? You are opening your home up for scrutiny if you decide it is. The Amsterdam apartment we stayed in had a decent set of photographs which swayed us to book it. However, we realised that these pictures were taken a while ago because the property hadn’t been maintained to the same standard.

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When we arrived, the host quickly showed us around the apartment. Because we arrived late, we were more focused on getting out to explore Amsterdam. It wasn’t until the morning that we had fully observed the flat. Here is a list of the items we were unhappy about:

There were several sets of very steep staircases omitted from the description
The front door and door to the apartment had locks which were difficult to open. The locks didn’t seem secure. We had to call the host to help us open the front door on the first night
We had one set of keys between two couples, so we had to lock the other pair in if we left the apartment without them
One of the toilets had a faulty flush which we fixed ourselves
A towel rail broke when we hung a towel up
There was limited toilet paper
Bathroom toiletries were cheap and half full
The shower base did not drain properly and was discoloured. The shower curtain was hanging off and had mould at the bottom. The shower itself was just a handheld head
The bath was very awkward to get into because of the positioning
One of the bedrooms had a glass door, so there was no privacy. The room was light which made sleeping difficult
There was a broken glass light on the bedroom ceiling
The curtain rail in one of the bedrooms was hanging off
Neither bedroom had anywhere to hang your clothes
One of the bedrooms had broken items left in the corner and a cot in the room
The bedding was old, poor quality and not ironed
Pillows were lumpy, so unusable
Furniture and fittings throughout the apartment were dated. The floor was laminated rather than real wood
There was a stained mattress and broken furniture on the balcony, which looked unappealing
A couple of ashtrays filled with cigarette butts were left on the balcony even though the listing stated that it was no-smoking
Towels were old, and some had holes
The Wi-Fi did not work

Our assessment of the apartment was that it wasn’t luxury by any meaning of the word, and it certainly wasn’t worth the rental price. It was ‘basic’ and not a luxury apartment. We ended up checking into a three-star hotel which was so much better. The hotel bedrooms were clean, comfy and seemed to be very luxurious after our experience. I think this was down to the basics of quality bedding, a comfy bed, fluffy towels and a shower which worked.

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If you are a host, you are responsible for being honest about the space you are renting out. The guests could be booking the accommodation for their honeymoon, or it could be their holiday of a lifetime. Think about your responsibility to these people because you have their valuable holiday time in your hands.

Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List For Hosts

As my blog features positive content, so I’ve decided to take this experience to help others with my knowledge and insights. You should aim to provide guests with the best experience you can, think five-star hotel or boutique hotel. Here is a checklist for anyone who is deciding whether their apartment or home is luxurious.

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1. Decoration: A professionally decorated apartment or house is important
2. Cleanliness: Ensure the apartment or house has a professional deep clean
3. Furniture: The furniture needs to be in pristine condition with enough seating (sofas, dining chairs, barstools, garden chairs) for the number of guests
4. Decorative objects: Place a few decorative objects around the space in keeping with the interiors and fresh flowers in a vase
5. Beds: King-size beds are preferable with quality ironed bedding
6. Wi-Fi: Fast Wi-fi is important
7. Entertainment: New flat-screen TV with access to Netflix and Prime in the living room and bedrooms if you can afford it
8. Security and Safety: Secure locks to the apartments with more than one set of keys. Make sure it is safe for children to stay. Abide by fire regulations. Fix broken items
9. Privacy: Ensure bedrooms and bathrooms are private without see-through glazed doors and with door locks
10. Essentials: Make sure your guests have everything they need, including plenty of fluffy towels, toilet paper, soap, quality toiletries and additional items such as milk, condiments, washing up liquid, etc

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You should also flag up potential issues such as steep stairs. Not everyone is able-bodied, and it is better to let guests know exactly what they are in for. There should be no surprises unless they are nice ones!

Luxury Holiday Home Rental Check List For Guests

When you arrive at the accommodation, have a good look around the space. Check that the bed is comfortable and the bedding is of decent quality. Make sure the Wi-Fi works. Ask about security and keys to the property. Use the checklist above and review the listing photographs to make sure they truly reflect the place. If you have any concerns, raise them with the host immediately. It’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the website you booked through, along with the grievance procedure, before you arrive. I hope you have an enjoyable stay wherever you end up!

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The White Company.