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M Restaurant Threadneedle Street London

I was meeting my Financial Advisor (see how grown up I am!) in the city and selected M Restaurant just off Threadneedle Street. This eatery is known for their healthy raw food and prime cuts of beef which is expertly grilled. The breakfast menu was different from the norm, which attracted me to make a booking. If you’re looking for breakfast in the city of London, Threadneedle Street restaurants or a healthy restaurant in London do give M Restaurant a try.

m restaurant eggs and kale

“Known for their raw and grilled specialities, M Restaurant is also a brilliant breakfast venue if you want a healthy way to start your hectic day in the city of London,” Homegirl London

M Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Martin Williams created this restaurant and bar. The restaurant head is Francesco Cappucci, Executive Chef is Michael Reid, and Head Chef is Jarad McCarroll. Breakfast starts early in the city so you can book your reservation at 7 am Monday through to Friday. With a healthy breakfast focus, you can order gluten and dairy-free options which is great for anyone with dietary restrictions. If you’re health-conscious, you’ll want to order the granola with berries and almond milk. Or you can try the quinoa porridge with bananas, coconut and a sprinkling of hazelnuts.

m restaurant menu


Vegetarian egg dishes included avocado with slow-cooked egg topped off with crème Fraiche, feta plus rye bread. I went for the sautéed and crispy kale with poached eggs, mushrooms and parmesan. The portions are health conscious, as in small, so if you’re out for numerous breakfast meetings, it’s somewhere you can eat without feeling too stuffed.

m restaurant kale and eggs

Kale and Poached Eggs

Peter went for the firecracker scrambled eggs which featured chorizo and coriander. Boy was this hot, hot, hot. Poor Peter wasn’t expecting it to be so powerful. But I did point out the clue was in the ‘Firecracker’ name! If you want something spicy to wake you up, choose this dish! Other meat options include the short rib brioche bun with fried duck egg and creamy hollandaise. If you aren’t on any diet, then it has to be the M Breakfast which is a full English featuring pork belly, sausages, has brown, beans, tomato and eggs. You can also order a selection of sides; bacon, chorizo, black pudding, hash brown, avocado, mushrooms, tomato or beans, avocado. Drinks-wise it’s coffee, tea or raw juices.

m restaurant eggs and chorizo

Firecracker Scrambled Eggs

For lunch or dinner, you can try the raw food small plates which include sushi, sashimi, tartare, salads and caviar. If you’d prefer your food cooked, try the Grill restaurant which serves beef with a few other dishes including fish, pork and a poultry dish.

M Restaurant Interiors

The restaurant is down a little side street which was a bit difficult to find. However, this location is excellent because the street outside is pedestrianised with tables and chairs. The exterior has large glass windows, so you get plenty of light to see what you’re eating for breakfast. Wow, the interiors are super glam. It has a bar feel, so is excellent for the evening after work. The décor is stylish with a tiled floor, spectacular lighting and comfy seating. We were given a booth which was entirely private so ideal for a chat about one’s finances!

m restaurant interiors

Restaurant Interior

This venue has two restaurants (Raw and Grill). There is also a cocktail bar, wine tasting room and a secret den. By day, the restaurant is calm and serene, but things pump up in the evening. The M Bar is on the mezzanine level, which overlooks the raw restaurant where you can see a staged area, and there is often a DJ. The wine tasting bar is an interactive experience with ‘Enothentic’ machines which you can sample by using a Wine Card. It’s a great place to explore if you work in the city.

M Restaurant Information

m restaurant exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Healthy focus, raw food including sushi plus grilled beef and fish
Price: Breakfast dishes £7-14, raw food small plates £9-14.50 and beef £19-45
Website: M Restaurants Website
Address: 2 and 3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP
Near: The Bank of England and close to Liverpool Street, Mansion House and Monument underground stations plus Fenchurch Street and Cannon Street train stations
Open: Check online for opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Glam
Reservations: You can book online
Service Charge: Yes

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Peter, for accompanying me and paying!