Homegirl London’s Restaurant Review: Morito Hackney Road. Having thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Morito Exmouth Market in November I was keen to take Homeboy along to try the Hackney version. He loved it, I loved it, what’s not to love? You’re treated to tempting and totally delicious tapas and mezze from Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. If you’re looking for the best places to eat in East London or Tapas Restaurants in East London book a table at Morito Hackney Road.

morito hackney road beetroot tapas

“You must try these wonderfully creative tapas dishes influenced by Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean in this spacious Hackney Road restaurant,” Homegirl London

Morito Hackney Road Menu

The two Morito restaurants and Moro are owned by Sam and Sam Clark. The menu is influenced by Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean including Crete where the Head Chef Marianna Leivaditaki grew up. The menu is split into vegetable, meat and fish options along with a few starters and a couple of desserts. We tucked into a selection of vegetarian dishes. The Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Tortilla arrived first. There is likely to be a variation on ingredients depending on when you visit. The Morito Tortilla is always fantastic and the portion size is just right so you can enjoy other dishes without feeling too full on potatoes.

morito hackney road tortilla

Sweet Potato Tortilla

We also went for the Cheese Fritters with Cretan Thyme Honey which were totally yummy. The other cheese dish we tried was Anthotyros. This is fresh sheep’s cheese which is unpasturised and comes from Greece. The name Anthotyros means ‘Flower Cheese’ due to the aromas of wild herbs. The cheese was grilled and served with pickled za’atar (Arabic name for wild thyme and Lebanese oregano) and Kalamata olives (black olives from Kalamata in Greece).

morito hackney road cheese fritters tapas

Cheese Fritters

The Shaved Cauliflower, Manchego and Parsley Salad was fresh and tasted as wonderful as it looked. We also enjoyed Golden Beetroot with Orange, Mizithra and mixed Seed Dukkah. Mizithra is a Greek fresh cheese made from milk and whey form either sheep or goats.

morito hackney road cauliflower tapas

Shaved Cauliflower

Homeboy tried the Grilled Octopus with Fava Bean Puree and Crispy Onions which he loved. The other fish options were Grilled Mackerel, Fried Squid, Asparagus with Mussels or Cod Fillet. All feature interesting seasoning and added ingredients.

morito hackney road octopus tapas

Grilled Octopus

Meat eaters can order Charcoal Grilled Guinea Fowl, Charcoal Grilled Lamb Chops, Spiced Lamb with Hummus, Fried Rabbit, Seared Beef or Secreto Iberico Pork.

morito hackney road chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse

There will be a few desserts on the menu. We tried the Chocolate and Olive Oil Mousse with Hazelnuts. This was perfect, I loved the combination of olive oil added to the chocolate and those hazelnuts were the magical touch. We also tucked into the Custard, Crispy Filo, Poached Rhubarb and Cinnamon Sugar dessert. This was deconstructed with filo flakes and looked a tad messy but who cared because it was fabulous.

morito hackney road dessert

Filo Dessert

To give you the idea of price points vegetable small plates are £6-7, fish £9.50-13, meat £4.50-12 and desserts are £6-7. Drinks wise, you can try a selection of cocktails, sherry, wines or a few spirits. The wines are primarily from Spain, Portugal and a few from the Canary Islands.

Morito Hackney Road Interiors

The restaurant has ceiling to floor windows overlooking busy Hackney Road. This gives the interiors plenty of light. Inside the restaurant is spacious with around 75 covers. In the middle, there is a large horse shoe shaped bar with a marble top. Stools surround the bar and then you have the tables with metals chairs and counter space with stools overlooking the street.

morito hackney road inside

Restaurant Interiors

In terms of décor, it has a fresh and contemporary. The walls are white washed with a panel of blue at the bottom and a small orange band which signifies the brand colours. There are a few fish scale tiles on parts of the wall. The floor and ceiling are concrete and the air conditioning and pipework are exposed which gives the space an industrial feel. A few plants and objects are dotted around to make the place feel homelier.

Morito Hackney Road Information

morito hackney road outside

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant go to the Morito Hackney Road Website. The restaurant address is 195 Hackney Road, London E2 8JL. The nearest station is Hoxton Overground. It is close to Columbia Road and Hackney City Farm. Current opening times listed are Tuesday to Friday 12-3pm for lunch, Monday to Saturday 6-11.30pm for dinner, Saturday and Sunday brunch and lunch 9.30am-3pm and Sunday dinner is 6pm-9pm but check online in case of changes. This restaurant is well worth a visit so book yourself a table!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London and a couple from the restaurant (interior and exterior). Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me. Thanks to the PR for sending photographs on request.



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