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Mr Bao Taiwanese Buns Peckham London

Restaurant Review: Mr Bao. If you can’t get enough of fluffy Taiwanese Buns, get yourself along to Mr Bao in Peckham. They have Vegan Bao Buns and dishes, plus serve Bottomless Brunch at the weekend. It’s perfect if you’re looking for the best places for lunch in Peckham, Vegan Bao Buns or Taiwanese Restaurants on Rye Lane.

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london menu pad

“Munch on the fluffiest Bao Buns at this lovely little Taiwanese Restaurant located on Rye Lane in Peckham,” Homegirl London

Mr Bao Taiwanese Menu

You are given a little pad with the menu printed so you can list what you want to eat. If you’re in a sharing mood, try the Smacked Cucumber (I hope it wasn’t hit too hard!), Sesame Spinach, Golden Kimchi, Pork Dumplings or Taiwanese Sausage.

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london, ginger garlic edamame

Ginger and Garlic Edamame

We sampled the Ginger and Garlic Edamame, which was very good and tasted amazing. The Tenderstem Broccoli with Ponzo (Japanese citrus-based sauce) was lovely. We also went for the Sweet Potatoes Chips with Wasabi Mayo. These were the best Sweet Potato Fries I have ever tasted! They appeared to be coated in a tempura-like batter.

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london sweet potatoes with wasabi mayo

Sweet Potatoes Chips with Wasabi Mayo

The Bao Bun selection included Pork Belly, Chicken, Beef Brisket, Drunken Prawns, Tofu and Shiitake Mushroom. I’m a vegetarian who dislikes tofu (I know that may sound odd, but it’s true). I ordered two Shiitake Mushrooms, which were very filling. The buns were fabulously fluffy, and the filing included Teriyaki Shiitake Mushrooms with Pickled Onions and a dash of Miso.

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london shiitake mushroom bao

Shiitake Mushroom Bao Buns

Homeboy eats seafood, so he went for the Drunken Prawns. The Prawns had been marinated in beer and served with Pickled Mooli (radish) and Spiced Spring Onions. He loved his Buns!

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london drunken prawn bao

Drunken Prawn Bao Buns

To give you an idea of prices, Sharing Dishes are £2-3.90, and the Bao Buns are £4.20-4.60. They have a list of all the vegan options online. You can enjoy Sake, Taiwanese Tea or a soft drink with your Bao Buns. At the weekend, they serve a bottomless brunch menu, which includes The Full Taiwanese.

Mr Bao Peckham Restaurant Interiors

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london interiors

Restaurant Interior

This restaurant is small inside but very cute. You can sit on a stool facing the window, which is perfect for people-watching. The tables and chairs are comfy and intimate enough for a cosy lunch with your lover. The décor is minimal, with light industrial touches of a bare brick wall and lighting. There are a few tables and chairs out the front if you want to smoke and eat!

Mr Bao Peckham Restaurant Information

mr bao taiwanese buns peckham london exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To learn more about the restaurant, visit the Mr Bao Website. The restaurant address is 293 Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15 4UA. The nearest stations are Peckham Rye or Queens Road Peckham. Current opening times listed are Tuesday to Friday, 12 noon until 3 pm for lunch and 6 pm until 11 pm for dinner. Saturday 11 am-11 pm and Sunday 11 am-10 pm. Brunch is served from 11 am until 4 pm at the weekend. Dogs are welcome, which is excellent if you are off to the Peckham Rye Park or the Common after your meal. Enjoy your Bao Buns!

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Food and Exterior Images by Homegirl London, Restaurant Interior from Mr Bao. Thanks, Homeboy, for dining with me.