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My London Apartment Refurbishment Project

I had fun with my London apartment refurbishment project. Homeboy and I moved from North London to South East London in February 2018. I wasn’t looking to renovate a property but fell in love with a warehouse space around the corner from Bermondsey Street in SE1. Acorn, South East London Estate Agents, helped me secure this beautiful flat. I then embarked on my London apartment refurbishment project. I did everything from installing a new gas boiler (Sponsored Link), getting the eclectics up to code, replacing the bathrooms, kitchen, flooring and more. Luckily the project was more fun than I expected it to be (phew!).

my london apartment refurbishment project decorative objects

Vintage Decorative Objects

My London Apartment Refurbishment Project Open Plan Living Space

I was bowled over by the open-plan living space in the converted warehouse apartment. It had four large metal windows in a fabulous factory style. I haven’t got around to putting up any window dressing yet, and it’s fantastic having so much light flooding in. Although it does get sweltering at times!

my london apartment refurbishment project open plan living space

Open Plan Living Space Before and After

See the before and after pictures of the open plan living space. The apartment looked okay in the marketing photographs, but in real life, it was evident this property needed refurbishment. The floors were uneven and squeaky, and the paintwork required attention. I had all the floor taken up, levelled and a new wooden floor laid. The walls and ceiling were all repaired and painted. I bought new furniture and treated myself to some decorative objects.

my london apartment refurbishment project kitchen

Kitchen Before and After

The drawback of this apartment was the tiny kitchen. However, once the previous units were removed and a hole cut through the wall connecting it with the open plan living space, the kitchen seemed much more significant. I decided on simple white units with no handles because you can see the kitchen from the living room, and I didn’t want the design to be distracting.

My London Apartment Refurbishment Project Master Bedroom

The master bedroom in the apartment was a home music studio before we moved in. It was dark and uninviting with a cramped ensuite. Luckily the bedroom benefited from a large metal factory window overlooking the internal courtyard. There were two walls with bare bricks, which are stunning. The wall adjacent to the hallway was curved, so I commissioned a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe which is very large inside.

my london apartment refurbishment project master bedroom

Master Bedroom Before and After

The ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom was reconfigured to fit a large walk-in shower along one wall. There is also a sizeable cupboard in the ensuite, which houses the boiler and is excellent storage space for the vacuum, stepladder and everything else I need to hideaway.

my london apartment refurbishment project ensuite

Ensuite Bathroom Before and After

I also have a guest bedroom which is quite large, and it fits a king-size bed and four-door metal locker style industrial wardrobe plus a desk and chair.

My London Apartment Refurbishment Project Master Bathroom

The master bathroom was tired and old-fashioned. Everything was ripped out and replaced with a new bathroom suite. Cupboards were built underneath the sink unit to provide storage. The original brick wall was revealed in the process, which I made a feature of by commissioning a frame to surround it. The brick wall still has writing on it from a builder, which I kept, thus retaining a part of history.

my london apartment refurbishment project master bathroom

Master Bathroom Before and After

Thanks to Everyone Who Helped With My London Apartment Refurbishment Project

my london apartment refurbishment project, decorative objects

Decorative Objects

Thanks to Acorn Estate Agency for making this move happen, especially Stuart Challis, who did a grand job. Space DBM did most of the refurbishment and building work. Richard Cook Renovations refurbished the master bathroom and did a lot of odd jobs. Montana Kitchens carried out the kitchen design. I can honestly say I enjoyed working with everyone! See more pictures on my Love My London Apartment Pinterest Board and London Lifestyle Blogger Apartment Tour page.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Acorn Estate Agency (Adam Jones took the newest images) and some images are by Homegirl London. This post contains a Sponsored Link.