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My Lovely Lick Kitchen Decorating Project

When Lick Home asked if I’d like to check out their Colour Consultation Service and paint a wall using one of their products, of course, I said yes! I mean, who wouldn’t want to try Lick, the desirable designer paint brand with a carefully curated paint colour collection? They make decorating super easy and even deliver the paint, wallpaper and decorating tools to your door; now, that’s what I call excellent service. Join me as I share my Lick Kitchen Decorating Project with you.

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Loving My Lick Decorating Project

My Lick Kitchen Decorating Project

Saying yes to Lick was the easy part; now, I had to decide which wall to paint. I moved into my warehouse apartment in February 2018 and undertook a total renovation which included painting every wall white. I love white walls because it is the perfect backdrop to the bold urban artwork I’ve collected over the years. So, you can see why I deliberated which wall I should paint, but after walking around my apartment contemplating, I settled on a wall in the kitchen. Because you can see this particular wall from the living/dining room, it was a wall that could become a feature. There is a pipe behind the wall, so I can’t hang a picture on it for fear of bursting said pipe. The wall seemed bare, so giving it a lick of paint would solve that.

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White Kitchen Wall

Okay, that’s the wall sorted; next, I needed to pinpoint a colour to paint it, narrowing four possibilities. I loved most of the shades available; the range includes whites, greys, blues, greens and more. To make my final choice, I decided to take advantage of the Colour Consultation with a Lick Colour Expert. I booked my WhatsApp video slot with Sam, answered a few questions online and forgot about it until my appointment time.

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Lick Makes Decorating Easy

Sam, the Colour Expert, called bang on time, and we spoke about the wall I wanted to paint and the colour possibilities. Would the colour be grey to tie in with the kitchen countertop or the matt glass splashback? Would it be blue to echo the roller blinds, sofa or cabinet in my living room? I thought it would be a grey or blue colour, but then Sam suggested something different … black. I’m a fan of the colour black; you only have to look inside my wardrobe to see that! Besides, black is a common denominator of the artwork in the kitchen and living/dining room.

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Lick Black 01 Matt and Paint Brushes

When I asked Sam which colour she’d choose, she was confident about Lick Black 01, which is graphite black with blue undertones. The other option was Lick Black 02, a dark velvet black with red undertones. I was happy to go with Sam’s recommendation, and she sent me a mood board which sealed the deal. I confirmed the order of Lick Black 01 Matt. It is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) water-based formula, environmentally friendly, durable, wipeable and can be used on a range of surfaces. I prefer a flat matt finish rather than Eggshell, which has a soft gloss sheen.

lick colour consultation mood board

Lick Colour Consultancy Mood Board

A few days later, the Lick package arrives. I eagerly open it to reveal a cool paint can which is so much better than the usual paint tin because the lid is difficult to get back on after you’ve used it. I also received a painting kit with a paint tray, roller, two paintbrushes and masking tape.

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Handy Lick Decorating Kit

Feeling inspired, I wasted no time starting my painting project. I gave the wall a light sanding and wiped it with a damp cloth. I use the masking tape, which was very good; no paint peeling on removal, which got the thumbs up. The colour went on like a dream, and it was easy to apply with brilliant coverage and no paint splatters. I noticed the paint didn’t smell, which is handy because I usually get a sore throat from paint fumes. The roller was excellent as it didn’t leave any marks on the wall or bits of fluff, and the paintbrushes didn’t lose any hair on the wall.

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My Kitchen Wall Painted with Lick Black 01 Matt

I was thrilled with the results; the wall looks bold and striking and works well with the Ben Eine black frame prints on the walls. I can honestly say this is the best paint product I have used; the application is smooth, and the finished effect is flawless. The total project took about 30 minutes from beginning to end. It doesn’t take long to transform your interiors with a lick of paint from Lick!

Find Out More About Lick

If you are thinking about painting your entire home or a few walls book, but you are deliberating about the colour, why not book yourself a consultation? A Colour Expert session costs £45 for thirty minutes, including the video call and a mood board. There are 49 Lick paint colours which provide variety without being too overwhelming. If you can’t make your mind up, you can try the peel and stick paint patches which are a great alternative to messy sample pots. A can of paint costs £38 for 2.5L, which is reasonable considering the quality. You may be interested in selecting roller blinds or Venetian blinds that coordinate with the paint colours.

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Lick Black 01 Matt Looks Amazing Against Red

While browsing the Lick website, look at the wallpaper selection, which includes plain or patterns (geometric, stripes, animal, botanical and damask). Check out the decorating supplies, which include painting and wallpaper kits. Your order is then delivered to your home; all you have to do is open up the package and start decorating!

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