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My Try Before You Buy Electric Bike Road Test

Isn’t it typical that the day I’m due to try an electric bike for the first time, it’s minus 2 degrees and icy! But that didn’t stop me. This is how it went down … A lovely man called Malcolm from Electroheads persuaded me to try an e-bike for the first time. To begin with, it was a firm no from me, mainly because I hadn’t ridden a bike for over 30 years; I’m super clumsy and nervous about cycling on London roads. But Malcolm was persuasive without being too pushy and suggested I road-test an electric bike in a park near my home. I admit I was somewhat curious, so after a few emails back and forth, I found myself saying yes. That was a couple of weeks ago, and as I’ve mentioned, today it was cold and icy, but I’m not one to back out of a commitment, so I went ahead and had my first e-bike experience.

my try before you buy electric bike road test

My Electric Bike Road Test Experience

I got up this morning feeling cold, and after my partner reminded me how clumsy I was, I felt a tad apprehensive. Pushing those comments and thoughts to the back of my mind, I wandered up to Leather Market Gardens, a pocket park near my apartment. I noticed the paths were icy, so I scoped out a nearby back street to switch locations.

Malcolm turned up and sorted out a Lime Electric Bike for the road test. He gave me the heads up on a few basics, and before I knew it, I was off and whizzing down the road. Okay, perhaps I wasn’t whizzing, more like taking it slowly, but the bike had a bit of oomph as soon as my feet touched the pedals. As Malcolm said, this is one of the benefits of an e-bike; it helps you get away quickly at the traffic lights, which is a plus when riding on the road in London.

my try before you buy electric bike road test

I got first-hand experience with how easy it is to ride an electric bike; it takes all the hard work out of cycling and can get you from A to B quickly. It’s certainly appealing, especially with all the strikes, crowded tubes, trains and buses. Sometimes when you get a taxi or an Uber, it takes such a long time to navigate the London traffic that I can see the appeal of getting around on an e-bike.

If, like me, you’re clumsy and apprehensive about cycling around London or using electric bikes, try the rental options first. They are quite heavy and not as high-tech and efficient as an electric bike that you’d buy yourself, but they will give you a good idea about what it’s like to ride one in London. You don’t actually notice the bike’s weight because the electrical assistance kicks in as soon as your foot moves the pedal around.

I loved the experience and found it exhilarating, and I felt rather pleased with myself for doing it! I would have to be extra clumsy to fall off the bike as it’s quite sturdy and easy to find your balance. I’d recommend road testing an electric bike in a park when it’s not minus 2 degrees and icy! Or on a quiet street. If you are near traffic, remember to wear a helmet for safety.

try before you buy lime electric bike rental

So, would I rent an electric bike again or buy one in the future? Yes, to both. I’m a walker, but if I wanted to get somewhere quickly, I would now have the courage to rent an e-bike from the street. If you’re going to try before you buy, please read this article which talks about the different ways to rent an electric bike in London: Electric Bike Rental In London.

Buying An Electric Bike

Owning an electric bike would be lovely because I could get around London quickly to write my neighbourhood guides. I’d seek expert advice from a company like Electroheads to ensure I get an e-bike that suits my needs. On their website, they’ve done all the hard work for you by selecting the best electric bikes on the market. I like the idea of fold-up e-bikes, which have many benefits, such as storing the bike inside your home and taking it on the train. Some of the designs look super cool, like the NewGen models. So, you may see me whizzing past you on my e-bike in the future! Electroheads also sell e-scooters, but that’s another story!

Author: Homegirl London. Photography: Homegirl London and Electroheads. This is a sponsored Post.