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Natural Earthy Colour Living Room Ideas

Earthy Colour Living Room Ideas: As the rain falls outside, it’s time to hunker down in a warm and inviting home. Create a cosy lounge with earthy tones, copper hues and natural materials. My Earthy Colour Living Room Ideas can help you achieve a relaxing place to snuggle up and watch your favourite box sets. I have selected a stylish sofa, a comfy leather armchair, a stunning chandelier, and a vintage-style rug in natural brown shades.

Earthy Colour Living Room Ideas Edit

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Earthy Colour Living Room Ideas Edit

Heal’s Wallis Sofa: Three-seater couch designed by Russell Pinch. The broad paintbrush pattern has a warm autumnal feel, including gold, green, russet, caramel, and ivory tones. The back of the sofa features a golden colour. The sofa costs £2599 from Heal’s.

Banbury Chandelier: The fabulous five-arm hanging chandelier has a mid-century modern style dark stained ash frame with antique brass fittings. The shades feature rough linen rope for a rustic appearance. It costs £430 from Soho Home Ltd.

Rocco Brown Leather Armchair: Comfy lounge chair with ribbed leather upholstery paired with a metal frame and wooden armrests. The price is £795 from Perch and Parrow.

Broste Copenhagen Tristan Marble Table: Brass-brown circular side table with Marmor marble top and tray base. The price is £251 from Nordic Nest UK (product code: 42639-01).

Linum Camel Brown Cushion: Simple smooth velvet fabric square cushion for luxury interiors. The price is £69 from Nordic Nest UK (product code: 37500-02).

Sunset Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion: A soft cushion made from 100% Tibetan sheepskin. The cushion costs £80 from Amara (product code: NCL1060-SU).

Zuiver Lazy Footstool: Vintage brown PU leather cushion footrest with chunky round black legs. The price is £359 from Cuckooland (product code: 51970).

Quill Copper Wallpaper: Classic style wallpaper design featuring a lovely motif in shimmering brown copper tones. The wallpaper costs £25 per roll from Graham & Brown (product code: 33-317).

Boulder Vase: A beautiful handmade mouthblown vase inspired by a boulder’s shape and texture. The earthy brown shade has a chalky white pattern peeping through. The price is £175 from LSA International.

Dutchbone Caruso Rug: The rich brown rug has an earthy distressed and faded vintage appearance. The price is £589 from Cuckooland (product code: 54863).

Seagrass Basket Set: A set of three storage baskets made from 100% natural woven seagrass with carrying handles. The price is £13.99 from VonHaus.

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