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Naturally Beautiful Rattan Bedroom Ideas

My rattan bedroom ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to kick back and relax in a calm boudoir with a natural vibe. Light colour rattan bed frames, cupboards, drawer units and side tables help keep your room bright and airy. I love rattan materials alongside peach, green or blush pink colours, so you may want to explore those options. Rattan has a timeless quality which means you can invest in a quality piece, and it will look adorable for many years. Please look at my rattan bedroom ideas and treat yourself to something gorgeous!

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My Favourite Rattan Bedroom Ideas

Feature and First Mood Board Image:

Rattan Head Board and Oak Base Bed Frame (search product code: 80350108), £629 from John Lewis & Partners (Affiliate Link)

Main Mood Board Image:

Kinship Rattan Blush Pink Chest of Drawers with Tassel Drawer Pulls (search product code:1480467), £695 from Oliver Bonas Ltd (Affiliate Link)

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Natural Chevron Rattan Shade (search product code: 1322875), £125 from Cox and Cox (Affiliate Link)

Bazar Bizar Natural Rattan Table Lamp with White Base (search product code: BBTL003), £220 from House of Flora (Affiliate Link)

Libra Toba Natural Rattan and Cane Small Side Cabinet with Two Shelves, £275 from Olivia’s (Affiliate Link)

Loha Green Velvet and Rattan Ottoman (search product code: 1463019), £595 from Oliver Bonas Ltd

Nordal Rattan Natural Room Divider (search product code: 25540), £655 from Amara (Affiliate Link)

Esben Whitewashed Mango Wood and Rattan Cupboard (search product code: BSO1001), £1295 from Graham & Green (Affiliate Link)

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