natuzzi worldwide Italian leather upholstery seating designers

Natuzzi worldwide Italian leather upholstery seating designers

Homegirl London pays homage to Natuzzi.  They are the undisputed worldwide kings of Italian leather upholstery.  Founded in 1959, this business produces first class Italian leather sofas and leather armchairs along with contemporary furniture, living room accessories and lighting.  Today, they are the largest Italian firm in the furniture industry with a presence in 123 countries and 5 continents.  With attention to detail from the concept, to the quality materials and thoughtful ergonomics, a Natuzzi seat is something to be admired, enjoyed and treasured.  Read on to discover more about Natuzzi.

natuzzi borghese

Borghese (Italia Collection) – This refined design bring absolute comfort with deep seats and adjustable head rests

Meet the Natuzzi Owner

The company was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi who is as passionate today about design as he was 55 years ago when he started the business.  They were listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1993 and Pasquale is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Stylist.  He personally oversees the brand’s strategic direction, product innovation and research along with marketing and staff training.  Pasquale’s continuous commitment in this industry has been recognised with a string of awards, for example, he was inducted into the American Hall of Fame in 2008.

natuzzi owner pasquale

Pasquale Natuzzi

Pasquale opened his own workshop in Taranto (Italy) with three collaborators to produce seating.  He was only 19 at the time and was inspired by his father who was a cabinet maker.  He moved to Matera in 1962 to further his experience of the commercial arena and in particular, the mechanisms of distribution.  He founded Natuzzi in 1972 and after a fire at the factory he relocated the production to Santeramo in Colle (Italy) which remains the home for the headquarters.

natuzzi fortuna

Fortuna (Italia Collection) – This oak sideboard features sinuous curves and is topped with acid-etched glass

It was a trip to the USA where Pasquale spotted a gap in the market.  He wanted to democratise the leather sofa and make it accessible to a wider group of people other than just the elite.  Pasquale went on to open Natuzzi Upholstery Inc. in New York to satisfy the needs of his North American clients.  The success resulted in the Wall Street floatation in 1993.  The next phase was strengthening their presence in Europe and opening worldwide stores and galleries.  There are currently 612 Natuzzi Italia shops situated in key international cities.

Natuzzi Collection

Natuzzi Italia is the ‘made in Italy’ brand which is suitable for the medium to high-end market.  This collection includes sofas, armchairs, lighting and living room furniture.  You can only buy these pieces from the Natuzzi Stores.  The Leather Editions brand is all about leather sofas and armchairs.  This collection has a wide range of designs and combines craftsmanship with innovation while ensuring these are affordable.

natuzzi italia

Dorian (Italia Collection) – This piece is completely modular and adapts to any living room layout

All the models are designed in-house at the Style Centre which has a team of 120 talented people ranging from colour specialists to interior decorators.  The output of work by this team is immense.  They produce up to some 6000 sketches each year with about 120 making it through to the final product.  With a large investment in research and development, combined with their thirst to discover worldwide trends, secures their crown for leaders in leather upholstery.  Pasquale comments – “Each model comes from our Style Centre, the group’s creative heart.  The search for harmony is our mission and inspires every move we make.”

natuzzi forma

Forma (Italia Collection) – This is a modular sofa with a pleasing modern shape

The quest for beauty is an obsession and the brand’s DNA.  It’s part of the Italian psyche and guides their creations.  Quality materials are also a priority which passes through 200 tests to ensure product endurance, safety and durability.  They only deal with premium hides which are worked in their tanning plants and go through 23 stages before they are deemed good enough for use.  They have 2 leathers – Natural and Protecta.  Natural leathers are extremely soft and one might say velvety to touch.  This is worked to show the distinctive grains, veins and colours.  Protecta leathers are treated with a protective layer, making them very durable.  Although they are known for their leather, they do work with other materials and of course these are also top notch.

natuzzi italia long beach

Long Beach (Italia Collection) – This is a generous sofa with comfortable seats and clean lines

Ergonomics is also a careful consideration for their products.  The Re-Vive Recliner Chair is a special project in collaboration with Formway Design.  This New Zealand based business is made up of 20 designers, engineers and researchers who collaborate to deliver new performance seating.  Re-vive came from the idea that in our busy life we value the little time we have to relax.   Recliners have seen little development over the last 30 years so with this in mind, the chair was developed.

natuzzi revive

Re-vive Recliner – The perfect seat for total relaxation

This is the ultimate recliner because it fits your body perfectly thanks to the premium support system which moves and reclines intuitively.  Combined with a visually light and minimal form, it’s also easy on the eye.  The Natuzzi upholstery team has ensured the Uniqover material used provides a luxury feel as you relax back and reflect on your day.

Buy Natuzzi Products

There are 612 shops worldwide which are located in key international cities.  This is made up of 285 stores and 327 galleries.  In the UK, the flagship store is located on Tottenham Court Road.  The galleries are in partnership with the main distribution network in each country.  For example, in the UK this is Selfridges.  You can’t actually buy the products from the website but you can view the range.  To find a local stockist go to  To give you an idea about prices, sofas start at £1270.

Author: Homegirl London.  Thanks: Pasquale and Antonia Peulevé.