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New Shared Ownership Homes Trent Park London EN4

On a beautifully sunny day, I found myself en route to the shiny new Legal & General Affordable Homes in Trent Park, Enfield, North London EN4. It was the perfect weather to appreciate the panoramic vistas over the park and golf course provided by the one and two-bedroom Shared Ownership properties. Wow, what a glorious place to live. If you want a piece of idyllic country living in London, check out the remaining 17 one and two-bedroom shared ownership apartments.

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Unveiling Shared Ownership Homes In Trent Park

From the outset, I was captivated by the remarkable setting, enveloped by 413 acres of parkland made up of ancient woods and sprawling grasslands punctuated with serene lakes and ponds. The area beckons for exploration, inviting residents to immerse themselves in nature and the amenities of Trent Country Park on your doorstep. With the convenience of Cockfosters and Oakwood stations just a brief walk away, Trent Park marries the tranquillity of countryside living with the accessibility of London life.

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As I took a tour of a two-bedroom apartment, I was impressed by the large hallway and ample utility cupboard where you can store your washing machine and heaps more. The primary bathroom was generous, as was the ensuite, which was so much bigger than mine that I started feeling a little envious. I thought the kitchen fittings were excellent, especially the contemporary cabinets, and there’s enough space in the kitchen for a dining table.

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My positive feelings were echoed after viewing the one-bed apartments. I thought that for the price, they were finished to a high standard and felt spacious. You also benefit from abundant natural light, mirroring the peaceful semi-rural backdrop, right here in London.

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Perhaps one of the features you’ll appreciate most is the balcony with beautiful views across the grounds. While balconies are for those dwelling on levels two or three, if you live on the ground floor, you’ll get a beautiful patio instead.

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Each home at Trent Park is newly constructed and outfitted with sleek modern appliances crafted for today’s living. Their stellar energy efficiency is a significant highlight, ensuring residents enjoy lower bills. Overall, these are perfectly designed, so all you have to do is move in and begin your new life in nature.

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The apartment blocks also have an elevator, which is handy, especially for those moving in. You also get a car parking space and a place for your bike. However, if you prefer public transport, a shuttle car takes you directly from Oakwood Station to the new homes. If you travel from Cockfosters Station, the entrance to Trent Country Park is a few minutes walk, and you are enveloped in breathtaking greenery.


These homes, starting with a minimum 25% share priced at £110,625 for a one-bedroom and £130,000 for a two-bedroom, present a compelling option for first-time buyers, especially those yearning for a home in London yet cocooned in nature.

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Helpful Information About Shared Ownership Properties

If you’re unfamiliar with Shared Ownership, you’re not alone. Let’s clear up some common misconceptions and provide a clear understanding. To begin with, the term ‘shared ownership’ might be misleading. It doesn’t mean you’ll share your living space unless you choose to!

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Shared Ownership allows you to purchase a percentage of a property while paying a reduced rent on the remainder. The main benefit is that monthly payments are lower than traditional rent or a conventional mortgage. Plus, the required deposit is typically smaller than needed for a full market purchase.

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The following criteria define eligibility for Shared Ownership: Your annual income, whether combined or individual, should be under £80,000 across England or £90,000 if you reside in London. Typically, a deposit between 5-10% of the share you buy is required. It isn’t exclusive to first-time buyers. However, if you own another property in the UK or abroad, you must sell it to qualify for Shared Ownership. You’re still eligible if you’re currently in private rent or staying with friends or family. A solid credit history is a must.

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Securing a mortgage for Shared Ownership isn’t overly challenging, but it does require a specific Shared Ownership mortgage. Most financial institutions support these mortgages, with several even specialising in them. Your eligibility hinges on your income, expenses, credit score and deposit size. Click here for an explanation of how Shared Ownership works.

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If you are considering buying via Shared Ownership, book a viewing for Trent Park and start dreaming about living in lush, green surroundings today.

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