Shop Snoop: Northcote Road Antiques Market. Established in 1986, you will find an array of vintage and antique furniture, home accessories, art, jewellery and more from over thirty freelance dealers under one roof. If you’re looking for antiques in Battersea or antique shops in South West London pop in and have a snoop around the Northcote Road Antiques Market.

northcote road antiques market battersea, tin box

Colourful Tins

Northcote Road Antiques Market Stock

Inside this delightful Antiques Market, you will find a beautiful mix of vintage and antique objects. The term vintage is a nice way of saying ‘second hand’ and the items should be at least twenty years old. You’ll discover shoe forms, brick moulds, leather luggage, Avery scales and more. To be a real antique, the item should be at least one hundred years old. The Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian and Art Deco periods are all covered. At this market, you can find everything from homeware to glassware, silverware, dinnerware, decorative objects, art and furniture. Here are a few things which caught my eye…

northcote road antiques market battersea, enamel storage jar

Enamel Storage Jar

A pair of Swedish men’s wooden shoe forms which are perfect for creating exciting shelf displays for any vintage fan.

northcote road antiques market battersea vintage shoe forms

Swedish Men’s Wooden Shoe Forms

These wooden brick moulds are ideal for using as small storage in the bathroom or kitchen.

northcote road antiques market battersea, brick moulds

Wooden Brick Moulds

Vintage food weighing scales, which were once used in grocery stores, are an excellent addition to a country-style kitchen.

northcote road antiques market battersea avery scales

Avery Scales

Brighten up your room with a selection of colourful tin boxes which were used initially to package biscuits, sweets, cigars, tobacco and other goodies. You can use these tins to keep your jewellery or personal effects inside.

northcote road antiques market battersea, tin boxes

Colourful Vintage Tins

Leather vintage luggage and suitcases are ideal for additional storage in your bedroom or living room. You can also up-cycle to create shelving or a bedside table.

northcote road antiques market battersea, vintage luggage

Vintage Luggage

For additional storage in the bedroom, you might like to buy one of these distressed wooden chests.

northcote road antiques market battersea, wooden chest

Wooden Chests

Globes are great for a home office. Give the globe a spin and dream about far off lands when you should be working!

northcote road antiques market battersea, vintage globe

Spinning Globe

Victorian furniture fans will be able to pick up a wooden pine chest for their bedroom.

northcote road antiques market battersea, victorian chest

Victorian Chest

Tell the time the old fashion way with this 1930s wall clock which would look fantastic hung on a bare brick wall in a warehouse apartment.

northcote road antiques market battersea, 1930 wall clock

1930s Wall Clock

You can never have too much cutlery! Buy yourself more knife, forks and spoons in bundles.

northcote road antiques market battersea, cultery


Mix and match floral antique plates, cups and saucers.

northcote road antiques market battersea, dinnerware


Cheer up your home with an assortment of vintage and antique art in fabulous frames.

northcote road antiques market battersea, art assortment

Art Assortment

Keep those books neat and tidy with these adorable bookends.

northcote road antiques market battersea, carved book ends

Wooden Carved Book Ends

Other items will probably include lighting such as glass chandeliers, pendant lights and old-fashioned table lamps. Furniture ranges from upholstered chairs to wooden wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables. Decorative items cover everything from ornate mirrors to pretty vases and kitsch figurines. The list is endless and always evolving, so you do need to visit in person!

Northcote Road Antiques Market Interiors

northcote road antiques market battersea, shop interiors

Shop Interiors

From the outside, this looks like a small shop. Step inside and wander along the corridor, and you will discover around thirty small stalls spread over two floors. The antiques and vintage goods are piled high, so there is a lot to see. Take your time and browse, if you find something you like to ask the person sitting at the cashiers till for assistance. A few of the antique dealers may be there, but the stalls are usually unstaffed. If you walk up the stairs to the mezzanine level, you get a better sense of how big this store is. If you’re committed to spending a bit of time there, you are likely to find something exceptional.

Northcote Road Antiques Market Information

northcote road antiques market battersea, exterior

Shop Exterior

To find out more, go to the Northcote Road Antiques Market Website. The shop address is 155a Northcote Road, London SW11 6QB. The nearest station is Clapham Junction. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 am until 5.30 pm, and Sunday 12 pm until 5 pm. Northcote Road has plenty of cafes and restaurants, so it’s a lovely place to hang out at the weekend. Enjoy your snoop around this excellent antique market!

Northcote Road Antiques Market Battersea
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