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Ole and Steen Danish Bakery More London

Anyone whole loves pastries, cakes, and bread will love Ole and Steen, the Danish Bakery with branches throughout London. They’ve just opened a new bakery at More London near London Bridge, a short walk from my apartment. Wanting to show my appreciation, I popped in for lunch on Saturday to celebrate their official opening. If you’re looking for cafes near London Bridge or Danish bakeries in London, you’ll want to check out Ole and Seen.

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Ole and Steen Menu

For breakfast, you may want to order salmon with eggs and avocado on chia rye or sourdough toast. Add bacon if you eat meat, or keep it simple with eggs and avocado if you prefer a veggie option and just avo on toast if you want to go vegan.

Mango with coconut yoghurt and Greek yoghurt with mixed berries is available for those who want a healthy start to the day. Porridge with berry compote and granola is another option. Otherwise, you may wish to order a croissant cinnamon roll or cinnamon/chocolate swirl with a coffee.

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You can try a roll filled with smoked salmon or roast chicken at lunch. I decided on the chermoula and avocado sandwich, tasty and filling. The prosciutto, artichoke and truffle sandwich and the smoked paprika BLT are other options.

Homeboy settled on the tuna melt, which he said was excellent and a tad spicey. Other toasties are ham with cheese or truffled mushrooms. Try open rye with smoked salmon or roast beef if you want a typical Danish lunch. Add a teriyaki salmon, apricot harissa chicken, feta salad, or a soup if you feel peckish.

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You can purchase a loaf or rolls from the counter if you like the bread. Choose from rye (chia, carrot, seeded), sourdough (regular or Copenhagen), Skagen or Olander loaf.

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You’ll need a sweet treat in the afternoon, and what better option than an apple pie, raspberry slice, mango passionfruit cheesecake, or a fruit-filled tart. If you are with a group of friends, try the cinnamon social, a soft dough pastry filled with vanilla custard and cinnamon paste topped with icing. Other socials include chocolate and almond. You can always purchase by the slice if you don’t have anyone to share yours with!

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Breakfast on toast options cost around £6.95-8.75, yoghurts and porridges £4.15-4.75, filled rolls are £6.25-6.45, sandwiches £7.15-7.45, croissants, pastries and cakes are 2.15-5.45.

Ole and Steen More London Location Information

To find out more, visit the Ole and Steen Website. The address is Unit B, 6 More London, London SE1 2DA, opposite London Bridge Station (there are other locations throughout London). The current opening times are Monday to Friday from 7.30 am until 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8 am until 7 pm. Please read my Ten Things to do in London Bridge post if you want to explore the area further.

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