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Perfect Peach Fuzz Pantone Colour Of The Year 2024

Peach Fuzz PANTONE Colour Of The Year 2024 is the perfect way to keep your interiors up-to-date. No, it’s not light and soft facial hair! Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023) is a colour and representation of a mood, an ethos that resonates with the current zeitgeist. Described as a “velvety gentle peach,” it’s more than a hue; it’s a heartfelt embrace in a world that increasingly values emotional connection, wellness and serenity.

florence peach wallpaper from okenka design

Florence Peach Wallpaper (launching February 2024), £155 per roll from Olenka Design

As a fusion of pink and orange tones, Peach Fuzz offers a fresh approach to softness. It speaks of belonging, recalibration and nurturing, fostering an atmosphere of calm and healing. This shade is a contemporary and sophisticated choice in its gentle lightness, perfectly balancing modernity with a touch of vintage charm. It sounds adorable!

How To Incorporate Peach Fuzz At Home

In interior design, the introduction of PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is set to transform home décor. Its application can range from painted walls to accent pieces, infusing spaces with warmth and comfort. This colour creates a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for every room where you desire a touch of cosiness.

benjamin moore pink harmony salmon peach dusk pink paints

Pink Harmony, Salmon Peach and Dusk Pink Paint from Benjamin Moore

Living Rooms: Peach Fuzz can be used in living rooms as a primary wall colour or as an accent in cushions, curtains and rugs. I love how Benjamin Moore has graduated a peachy colour palette to liven up a room with neutral furniture. Their deals can be sweet, too! (Sponsored Link).

lust home and millie putland lifes a peach wallpaper

Lust Home and Millie Putland Life’s a Peach Wallpaper in Peachy Pinks, £50 per roll from Lust Home

Dining Rooms: Whether used as a primary colour for walls, in table linens or as accent decor, Peach Fuzz brings joy and comfort, making the dining room a perfect backdrop for memorable moments and nourishing connections. It pairs beautifully with natural elements like wood and greenery, enhancing the space’s warmth and bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.

froyo pastel stripe wallpaper in kitchen from bobbi beck peach fuzz colour

Froyo Pastel Stripe Wallpaper, £75 per roll from Bobbi Beck

Kitchens: This soft peach shade adds a hint of cheerfulness and warmth, ideal for creating a welcoming kitchen environment. Used in cabinetry, as a wall colour, or in decorative accents like backsplashes and kitchen accessories, Peach Fuzz elevates the aesthetic appeal. It enhances the room’s mood, making the kitchen a heartwarming space for cooking, dining, and gathering.

nat marks suminagashi original marbled print peach fuzz colour

Suminagashi Original Marbled Print, £275 from Nat Marks

Bedrooms: For bedrooms, this peach hue invites tranquillity and relaxation. Bedding, lampshades, wallpaper or art in Peach Fuzz can transform the room into a serene sanctuary, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Peach Onyx Effect Tile

Peach Onyx Effect Tile £52.95 SQM from Walls and Floors

Bathrooms: Incorporating Peach Fuzz into bathroom designs aligns with a broader trend towards creating functional, emotionally nurturing and aesthetically pleasing spaces. With its blend of modernity and comfort, this colour is an excellent choice for those looking to transform their bathroom into a sanctuary of calm and beauty.

What To Pair With Pantone Peach Fuzz

Soft Neutrals: Creams, beiges, and light greys provide a subtle backdrop that allows Peach Fuzz to stand out without overwhelming the space.
Earthy Greens: Sage green or olive tones can create a natural, organic feel when paired with Peach Fuzz, evoking a sense of calm and tranquillity.
Cool Blues: Light to mid-tone blues, like sky blue or dusty blue, offer a serene and refreshing contrast to the warmth of Peach Fuzz.
Rich Navy or Teal: For a bolder look, dark blues can create a striking contrast, adding depth and sophistication.
Metallic Tones: Gold, copper, and bronze accents can enhance the warmth of Peach Fuzz, adding a touch of elegance and luxury.

peach fuzz pantone colour of the year inkaholic rug society

Inkaholic Rug from Rug Society

Natural Wood: Wood finishes, from light oak to rich walnut, complement the earthiness of Peach Fuzz, bringing a balanced and organic feel to the space.
Stone and Marble: Natural stone or marble, particularly in lighter shades, can pair beautifully with Peach Fuzz, offering a luxurious and timeless appeal.
Textured Fabrics: Linen, wool, and cotton in natural tones can add depth and interest to Peach Fuzz, enhancing its cosy and comforting qualities.
Glass: Clear materials can give a modern, airy feel to Peach Fuzz, perfect for creating a light and spacious feeling.
Ceramics and Pottery: Handcrafted ceramics in complementary hues can add a rustic, artisanal touch to the softness of Peach Fuzz.

Ten Benefits Of Introducing Peach Fuzz Into Your Interiors

1. Creates a Warm Atmosphere: Peach Fuzz is inherently warm and inviting, making any room feel more welcoming. Its gentle peach tone infuses spaces with a sense of cosiness and comfort.
2. Enhances Mood: Colours significantly impact mood, and the soft, nurturing nature of Peach Fuzz can help create a cheerful and soothing environment conducive to relaxation and positivity.
3. Versatile Pairing: This adaptable shade pairs beautifully with various colours, from soft neutrals to bold accents. It can work harmoniously with multiple materials and textures, offering flexibility in design choices.
4. Promotes a Sense of Space: The light and airy quality of Peach Fuzz can make small spaces feel more extensive and more open. It’s an excellent choice for creating an illusion of spaciousness in compact areas.
5. Adds a Contemporary Touch: While Peach Fuzz has a timeless appeal, it also exudes a modern vibe. It can help update the look of your space, making it feel more current and on-trend.

benjamin moore conch shell 052 peach fuzz pantone colour

Conch Shell 052 Paint, from £20 per 0.94l from Benjamin Moore

6. Supports Varied Themes and Styles: Whether your home is modern, traditional, bohemian, or minimalist, Peach Fuzz can complement and enhance various interior design themes.
7. Elevates Natural Elements: When paired with natural materials like wood, stone, or plants, Peach Fuzz can elevate these elements, enhancing the overall organic and earthy feel of a space.
8. Encourages Creativity and Personal Expression: The unique character of Peach Fuzz offers a playful canvas for personal expression. It can inspire creative decor choices, allowing individual styles to shine through.
9. Boosts Light and Brightness: The reflective quality of this hue can help amplify natural light in a room, making the space appear brighter and more vibrant.
10. Offers Emotional Respite: Creating a sanctuary in your home is essential in today’s fast-paced world. With its soothing and comforting tones, Peach Fuzz can transform your living space into a tranquil retreat, offering a much-needed emotional respite.

Incorporating Peach Fuzz into your interior design keeps you aligned with contemporary colour trends and enriches your living environment in numerous ways, both aesthetically and emotionally. What are you waiting for? Peach Fuzz is now on-trend!

Credits: The featured image shows the Caro Double Bed in the Here Comes The Sun Bedroom (product code FB10001476) from Furniture and Choice. This post contains a sponsored link, advert, advertising.