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Poke House Spitalfields London Healthy Lunch

I’ve had a healthy lunch today at Poke House Spitalfields, East London. Poke House is now Europe’s biggest poke bowl chain with multiple sites across the capital, including Spitalfields, Victoria, Canary Wharf, Bloomberg Arcade, with more to come. It’s a great place to pick up a healthy lunch bowl or takeaway for your dinner, plus a little mochi treat or cookie. Poke House is the House of original Californian poke, combining Californian soul with Hawaiian taste! If you’re looking for healthy places to eat in Spitalfields or takeaway lunch in E1, you should head to Poke House.

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“Enjoy the taste of Hawaii via California at Poke House, Europe’s biggest poke chain bringing healthy and tasty food to brighten up your lunch hour,” Homegirl London

Poke House Menu

Poke means slice or chunks in Hawaiian, such as raw tuna chunks. A poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian dish, usually with rice and diced fish or protein, a few veggies and sauce for flavour. If you haven’t tried one before, it’s best to select one of the House Specials because they have been specially devised to give you a balanced meal that’s full of flavour:

Sunny Salmon: Sushi White Rice, Juicy Salmon, Fresh Avocado, Edamame, Red Cabbage, Special Dressing, Avocado Cream and Sesame Seeds.

Heat Wave: Tricolour Quinoa, Juicy Salmon, Fresh Avocado, Cucumber, Red Onion, Spicy Mayo, Coriander and Sesame Seeds.

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Spicy Tuna: Sushi White Rice, Tuna, Goma Wakame, Red Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Spicy Peanut Dressing, Ponzu Dressing, Jalapeño, Crispy Onion, Tobiko and Sesame Seeds.

House Chicken: Sushi White Rice, Teriyaki and Ginger Chicken, Courgette, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Cabbage, Teriyaki Sauce, Spicy Mayo, Spring Onion, Crushed Almonds and Sesame Seeds.

House Vegan: Tricolour Quinoa and Kale, THIS isn’t chicken (Vegan), Carrot, Chickpeas, Fresh Avocado, Teriyaki Dressing, Crushed Almonds and Sesame Seeds.

poke house spitalfields vegan poke bowl

I tried the House Vegan, which I loved, so it must be good because I don’t usually order anything that tastes like meat or chicken. I’m okay with veggie sausages and plant-based burgers, but I don’t tend to go for pretend chicken. However, it was excellent, and I enjoyed every mouthful. Homeboy loves eating fish, so I choose the Spicy Tuna for him. He was super happy and said the red cabbage was crunchy, the salmon tasted fresh, and he loved the chilli kick. Regular size House Poke Bowls are £8.95-9.95.

poke house spitalfields chocolate chip cookie

You also have the freedom to create a bespoke poke bowl from the long list of ingredients. First, choose your base, add some veggies and protein, spice it with dressing, crisp it with some topping, and you’ve got a custom-made poke bowl.
Now that you’ve been healthy, you are allowed to get a little treat such as the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies or a cute Hawaiian Mochi; it’s a small ice cream wrapped in soft rice paste. The flavours include Mango Cheesecake, Passion Fruit and Mango (Vegan), Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Coconut and Matcha Green Tea.

poke house spitalfields london smoothies

If you insist on being virtuous, try one of the Mini Fruit Bowls – Mango, Blueberries and Coconut or Pineapple with Strawberries and Almonds. Drinks include smoothies, juices, tea, coffee, coconut water, sparkling fruit seltzers and a couple of wines.

Poke House Spitalfields London Information

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To find out more visit the Poke House Website. The address is 111B Commercial Street, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG. If you visit this branch you get to enjoy Old Spitalfields Market which is an added bonus!  The nearest station is Liverpool Street. Current opening times are Monday to Sunday, 8 am until 9 pm and it gets busy at lunchtimes with queues out the door. There are plenty of other London locations, so check the website to find the nearest one. You’ll love the Poke House interiors, which are bright and breezy with pink and teal colour combinations. I hope you enjoy your visit and delicious poke bowl! Please read my Ten Things To Do In Shoreditch post if you want to explore the area more.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. I only write about restaurants where I had a good experience. I recommend that you undertake further research as restaurant standards fluctuate, as do opinions. Please check if the restaurant is still in business and the opening times before you go. If you discover that this restaurant has closed, contact me to remove it from my blog. Disclosure: Our meal was free, so this article is classified as an advert.