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Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen Finsbury Park

Homegirl London’s Restaurant Review: Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen (Q&T). Homeboy and I eat at this friendly Vietnamese Restaurant very often. It’s our go-to place when we want a delicious meal after a busy day working from home. They serve up traditional dishes from across Vietnam which includes Pho Noodle Soups and Rice Vermicelli Salads. If you’re looking for Vietnamese restaurants in Finsbury Park or the best places to eat on Stroud Green Road, you really must try Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen.

q and t vietnamese kitchen grilled pork meatballs

“At this Finsbury Park Vietnamese restaurant, you are guaranteed delicious home-cooked Vietnamese food along with a friendly welcome,” Homegirl London

Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen Menu

This restaurant is run by a husband and wife team, Quang and Thu, hence the Q and T name. You’ll find Quang in the kitchen rustling up his favourite Vietnamese dishes while Thu is front of house greeting guests. For starters try the Crispy Spring Rolls filled with pork and prawns or the vegetarian version which I tend to order. Homeboy loves the Fresh Summer Rolls which are filled with prawns and come with a hoisin sauce. We also order the Green Papaya Salad to which you can add chicken, prawns or tofu. Other options include a traditional Vietnamese Crepe, Grilled Pork Meatballs, Chicken Satay on Skewers, Shaking Beef, Spare Ribs and more.

q and t vietnamese kitchen prawn summer rolls

Fresh Summer Rolls

If you love Pho Noodle Soup, you’re in for a treat because this is Quang’s speciality and he gets so many positive comments about it. Pho is a beef broth with rice noodles, and you can order different options including sliced rare sirloin beef, well-done beef flank, shredded chicken, tofu and mushrooms or prawns. This arrives with a plate of toppings including beansprouts and fresh herbs which you can garnish to your specifications. If you check the reviews on Google and Facebook, the Pho gets the big thumbs up from the locals.

q and t vietnamese kitchen pho noodle soup

Beef Pho Noodle Soup

The Rice Vermicelli Salads are also very popular. This dish is thin rice vermicelli served with mix salad, roasted peanuts and a dipping sauce. Choose your favourite toppings from grilled pork slices, grilled pork meatballs, Vietnamese spring rolls, or lemongrass and chilli with either beef, prawns or tofu.

q and t vietnamese kitchen, vermicelli salad

Prawn Rice Vermicelli Salad

They also have a selection of beef dishes with black bean sauce or various vegetables. Or perhaps you might prefer a Chicken Curry which my friend Rich tends to order. Prawn dishes include curry and vegetable accompaniments. Grilled Sea Bass Fillets, Crispy Whole Sea Bream and Salmon Fillets are also featured.

q and t vietnamese kitchen crispy sea bream

Crispy Whole Sea Bream

Vegetarians can enjoy a selection of tofu and vegetable dishes with ingredients ranging from aubergine, pak choi, broccoli and oyster mushrooms. These can be paired with a rice dish or wok-fried flat noodles. I often order Mixed Vegetables or the Oyster Mushrooms with Pak Choi and the Egg Fried Rice. They are happy to adjust recipes for customers and remember your preferences; for instance, they know that I am not a fan of beansprouts or tofu.

q and t vietnamese kitchen, oyster mushrooms pak choi

Oyster Mushrooms with Pak Choi

To give you the idea of price points starters are £4.20-8.90, pho noodle soup is £7.90-8.50, rice vermicelli salad is £7.50-8.50, meat dishes £6.50-7.90, fish and seafood £7.50-12.50, vegetables and tofu £6-6.90 and sides are £2-6.90. In terms of drinks, Thu makes a fantastic fresh lemonade with real lemons. We usually ask it to be made with less sugar because we order a couple with our meal. You should also try the traditional Vietnamese coffee or the iced version, which are as good as you get in Vietnam. The wine list includes white, red, rosé and sparkling. They also have a few beers and soft drinks.

Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen Interiors

The restaurant is situated on Stroud Green Road, which is where you’ll find most of the eateries in Finsbury Park. Outside the front, they have a covered table which is an excellent spot for people-watching in the summer.

q and t vietnamese kitchen interiors

Restaurant Interiors

Inside there is space for around thirty people. At the back, there is an open kitchen. The decoration is in the form of artwork showing heritage Stroud Green Road photographs. It’s small inside but is very cosy and a great place to relax with a group of friends or your partner.

Q and T Vietnamese Kitchen Information

q and t vietnamese kitchen exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the  Q and T Vietnamese Restaurant Website. The address is 57 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 3EG. It’s a short walk from Finsbury Park underground, train and bus stations. It’s close to the Park Theatre, so if you want a meal before you see a show, this is an ideal place to try. Opening times are listed on the website. Pop in next time you’re passing. You can call and book a table. If you want take-way, you can call to place an order and pop in to collect. Enjoy your delicious meal!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London, the photograph of the interior is from the restaurant.