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Roll Out Geometric Pattern Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are long, narrow rugs often placed in the hallway. These hallway rugs can also be used in open plan living and dining rooms to create a visible floor division between the two areas. If you have a wooden floor in the kitchen, you may like to place a runner rug close to your preparation area to protect the floor. As you can see, runner rugs are versatile and work anywhere you want to soften or protect the floor underneath. I’ve selected my favourite rugs in black, white, grey and natural shades with geometric patterns. These runners will suit boho, Scandi, contemporary and minimalist interiors. If you love geometric pattern rugs or monochrome rugs, you’ll love this collection.

My Favourite Runner Rugs

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Lead Mood Board Image: Black and Off-White Cotton and Polyester Mix Block Print Runner, £95 from Cox and Cox (Affiliate Link)

Monochrome Cotton and Jute Mix Dagny Runner (product code: 1629029), £95 from Cox and Cox (Affiliate Link)

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Black and Cream 100% Cotton Cross Design Runner (product code: BDHR0490ST73), £75 from Barker and Stonehouse (Affiliate Link)

Black and White Geometric Pattern Woven Polyester Rug (product code: 3663602042013), £20 from B & Q (Affiliate Link)

Natural Colour Soft Touch Polypropylene Parker Runner, £39 from Dunelm (Affiliate Link)

Natural White and Black 100% Wool Faded Pattern Karwa Runner, £119-199 from Urbanara (Affiliate Link)

Off White and Black Polypropylene Subtle Berber Style Pattern Freda Runner, £75 from UK

Grey and White Geometric Pattern Wool Linie Design Zelbio Runner, £299 from Heal’s (Affiliate Link)

Beige and Black 100% Wool Lorena Canals Bereber Washable Runner Rug (product code: 8435392608947), £155 from Amara (Affiliate Link)

A few other places to buy rugs includes Kukoon (Affiliate Link), John Lewis & Partners (Affiliate Link) and Wayfair (Affiliate Link). For inspiration, please take a look at my Rug Collection Pinterest Board.

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