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Romantic Keats House Hampstead London NW3

English romantic poetry and historic house lovers will want to visit Keats House, Hampstead, NW3. Soak up the atmosphere of this striking Regency Villa in a leafy part of North West London. It’s an inspiring place where John Keats lived with his close friends and met his fiancée, Fanny Brawne. Once a semidetached house, it was later converted by English actress Eliza Chester into a sprawling villa. It is now a Grade I Listed Building where you can discover the life and works of Keats. If you’re looking for things to do in Hampstead or historic houses in London, you’ll want to visit the romantic Keats House.

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Keats House Hampstead Information And Tour

I’ll give you an overview of how this House became known as the Keats House. John Keats (31 October 1795 – 23 February 1821) has been synonymous with Hampstead since moving there with his brothers in 1817. The move was motivated by wanting to be near Leigh Hunt, the radical poet and journalist. He was also friends with Charles Wentworth Dilke and Charles Brown, who lived in Wentworth House, a semidetached villa now known as Keats House. In 1818 Keats moved into the House with Charles Brown and wrote some of his famous poems there. Ode to a Nightingale is said to have been written under the plum tree.

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The romantic poet found his love in the House when the Brawne family moved into Dilke’s part of the House in 1819. He became engaged to Fanny Brawne, the eldest daughter. Sadly, Keats became ill from tuberculosis in 1820 and moved to Rome for the sunny weather, where he died on 23 February 1821, aged 25. Fanny continued to live in the House until the 1830s.

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On the ground floor is the Brawne Room, where you can discover more about Keat’s early life. You’ll see a portrait and bust of Keats. It may interest you that Keats trained to be a surgeon at Guy’s Hospital, in case you were wondering about the medical notebook on display.

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In Keat’s Parlour, note the position of the chairs, which mirrors the painting hung above the fireplace. Visitors are invited to sit down as Keats had all those years ago. His writing desk, quills, and a pot of tea beside it conjure a vision of the poet at work.

charles brown parlour

The Charles Brown’s Parlour has a bust of Keat’s good friend, a grandfather clock and a beautiful sofa overlooking the garden.

chester room

A room added after 1838 by actress Eliza Chester is the Chester Room which is now used for hosting group visits, special events and activities.

mrs brawnes ktichen

Down to the Basement is Mrs Brawne’s kitchen with the original Welsh Dresser and sounds of kitchen life from the 1800s.

fanny brawnes room

Venture up to Fanny Brawne’s Room on the First Floor, where her engagement ring is displayed along with personal items and portraits.

keats bedroom

In Keat’s Bedroom is an original fireplace, and it is here that he spent time suffering from his illness which later led to his death in Rome. Also on this floor is Charles Brown’s Bedroom and the Young Romantics in the City Gallery.

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Explore the garden, where you’ll see a reclining Mulberry Tree with a plaque saying, “The Queen’s Green Canopy, The Platinum Jubilee 2022. This Tree is one of the 70 Ancient Trees dedicated to Her Majesty The Queen.”

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Helpful Information About Keats House Hampstead London NW3

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For more information, visit the Keats House website, Keats Foundation website, Keats House Wikipedia page and the John Keats Wikipedia page. The address is 10 Keats Grove, London NW3 2RR, a short walk from Hampstead Heath Station. It’s open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am until 1 pm and 2 pm until 5 pm. Ticket prices are £8.40 for adults and free for those under 18s, and there are various discounted tickets. There isn’t a café at the House, but there is a gift shop.

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Next door to the Keats House is the Keats Community Library, a volunteer-run charity. There are over 2000 books to borrow, a quiet study area, and various events and activities for children. It’s worth popping in to look around if you visit the House.

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