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Ron Miller Geisha Urban Art Collection

RON MILLER Urban Art Collection: Last weekend I was eating lunch at Mercato Metropolitano, the street food place near Elephant and Castle. As I was on my way home, I noticed the Alchemic Body Exhibition at The Line Contemporary Art Space next door. It was a free exhibition, so I popped in for a browse. In a room full of art, I felt drawn to two pieces featuring a Geisha by RON MILLER. As soon as I got home, I checked out who RON MILLER was and if they had artwork for sale. I discovered that they are a Berlin art duo; Marcus Klüh and Ronny Kindt with a series of canvases featuring their Geisha. She’s at the centre of all the RON MILLER exhibitions – TRIP, FUCK FAME and MAD & BED.

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RON MILLER and Their Geisha

RON MILLER shows their stunning Geisha wearing and behaving in non-traditional ways. A Geisha (person of art) is known for ancient dance performances and singing. They wear beautiful kimonos and correctly applied Oshiroi makeup.

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Marcus and Ronny have taken their Geisha on an urban art journey. She’s travelled from Japan to Berlin and beyond. She’s swapped her traditional kimono for designer labels. You’ll find her wearing a red dress from street couture Berlin-based designer label Marcell Von Berlin. In other adaptations, it will be garments by YSL, Versace and Gucci.

ron miller geisha urban art collection sculpture

When she’s not dressed in designer clobber, the Geisha Girl is edgier. She’ll be strapped in a Hannibal straitjacket, pointing a gun in your direction or holding a Stormtrooper helmet. The imagery is all about breaking tradition, stereotypes and not conforming.

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Belmondo Two Geisha Canvas

I bought the Belmondo Two Geisha Canvas which I have just taken delivery off, and it’s already hung on my wall. The Geisha is pointing a gun and has the words ‘Fuck Fame’ painted across her face. I’ve been searching for one more piece of art for my living room for a while now. By chance, the gun-toting Geisha was the exact size I needed and the perfect colour, so I bought it.

RON MILLER Conceptual Art Duoron miller berlin urban artists

Ronny (left) and Marcus (right)

Marcus and Ronny have known each other since kindergarten. Having grown up in the countryside today, their lives are more about seeking the next art show or event to exhibit their art rather than wandering through fields. Fast forward to adulthood and the friends are a credible conceptual art duo creating artworks for Berlin to Frankfurt and staging sets at Berlin techno clubs. Marcus and Ronny are reputed for their collage style. They layer paste-ups with stencilling, graffiti tags and cover this in a special secret formula lacquer using a brush technique to create unique canvas art pieces. If you want to find out more about the artists and buy one of their canvases, go to the RON MILLER Website.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: RON MILLER and Homegirl London. Disclosure: I received a press discount to purchase the canvas. This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising. I received discount on a purchase in return for an article.