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St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk

The St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk is perfect if you want to get out and explore on the weekend; this walk gives you a mix of old and new London. You also get spectacular views of the River Thames and landmark buildings. The walk will take around an hour or more if you want to take photographs or stop at any point. I hope you enjoy the St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk; it’s one of my favourites!

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk, ropemakers fields gull

Herring Gull Statue by Jane Ackroyd in Ropemakers Field

St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk Start

This walking route will take you from St Katharine Docks through Wapping. Then, it goes through Shadwell Basin, past Limehouse Basin to Canary Wharf Riverside, and finishes at Canary Wharf. You can begin your walk from St Katharine Docks, a luxury marina located near Tower Bridge. Plenty of chain restaurants and a few delicious independent eateries are located here. You can meet your friends and eat breakfast or lunch before you start your walk. The closest stations to St Katharine Docks are Tower Hill (Circle, District) and Fenchurch Street train station.

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk, st katharine docks

To find out more about St Katharine Docks, you can read the St Kats Website. For historical information, view the St Katharine Docks Page on Wikipedia.

St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk Highlights

After your meal, walk down St Katharine’s Way and begin your route through St Katharine’s and Wapping. The first highlight is Hermitage Riverside Memorial Gardens. You get a spectacular view of Tower Bridge, The Shard and other impressive buildings. A Dove Sculpture by Wendy Taylor is in the gardens; if you look through it, you will see The Shard. You will notice a collection of boats moored here, a cooperative community project.

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk, hermitage memorial garden

Walk down Wapping High Street, and you will see an old pub called the Town of Ramsgate, established in 1545. If you walk through one of the alleyways to the Thames, you will find The Wapping Old Stairs, famous for drowning pirates, and a visit from Captain Bligh. Continue back on the High Street, and you will encounter a patch of greenery, St. John Church Gardens. Facing the gardens is the St John Wapping School, with colourful statues of children on the front. You will also spot The Turk’s Head, a tiled-fronted pub; they serve breakfast, lunch and tapas here. Behind that is Wapping Gardens. Return to Wapping High Street and see the police station and Wapping Rose Gardens. Past Wapping Station is a good coffee shop called Urban Baristas. Then you come upon River View Chinese Restaurant.

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk, town of ramsgate pub

Next is the Wapping Wall, where you will find The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. Just past this is The Prospect of Whitby Pub, which is said to be the oldest in the vicinity and dates back to 1520. If you want to go through one of the narrow alleys, you can get to the Thames Foreshore. The Wapping Docklands Market is a great place to stop off for some street food on Saturdays from 10 am until 4 pm.

stop off at wapping docklands market

If you carry the Wapping Wall route, you will reach The Shadwell Basin with a metal bridge taking you over the water inlet. Continue to Narrow Street (Limehouse), where you will cross over a bridge. On this street, you will see a wealth of period properties dating back to the eighteenth century. You can admire the Sail Makers House, Dunbar Wharf, Dunstans Wharf and Limehouse Wharf buildings. The Grapes Pub is a historic sixteenth-century pub you might want to visit. At The Ropemakers Field is a Herring Gul statue by Jane Ackroyd, which is worth a look.

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk, shadwell basin

St Katharine Docks to Canary Wharf Walk End

Then, backtrack to Narrow Street and get on the Thames River Path. This will take you to Canary Wharf Riverside. This is the part of the walk where you can enjoy breathtaking views across the River Thames and the riverside architecture. Eventually, you will reach Canary Wharf Riverside and the Royal China Restaurant, which is very good if you want to eat there.

st katharine docks to canary wharf walk view of buildings

You can explore as much of Canary Wharf as you want from here. There are restaurants located at West India Quay and the Cargo Food Hall is another place to visit. The Museum of Docklands is also in West India Quay. If you fancy a spot of shopping, you have a wealth of designer fashion stores nearby. The towering architecture is Instagram-worthy. You can either walk back to your starting point or get transport home from Canary Wharf.

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