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Standalone Kitchen Storage Furniture Ideas

Finds Edit: Standalone Kitchen Storage Furniture. If you feel like your kitchen cupboards are getting too full, perhaps you might need additional cupboards. Instead of going to the expense of re-designing your space, Standalone Kitchen Storage Furniture may be the answer. Here are five easy ways to add more storage space to your kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Islands are a brilliant centrepiece for large kitchens with under-counter storage
  2. Butcher’s Blocks on casters give you a dedicated chopping surface combined with shelving
  3. Standalone Kitchen Pantry Cabinets allow you to stockpile additional groceries
  4. Kitchen Dressers are useful for displaying crockery behind glass doors
  5. Sideboards are handy for placing utensils on top of cupboards for putting away occasional use items

Standalone Kitchen Storage Furniture Edit

Hudson Kitchen Island: Stunning kitchen storage unit hand-made using recycled pine combined with a mottled limestone top. The vintage-style castor wheels make this piece of furniture very easy to move. You get eight drawers, eight crates, a base rack and a tea towel hanging rail. £1795 from Graham and Green (product code: AQU1005).

standalone kitchen storage furniture ideas, kitchen island

Hudson Kitchen Island from Graham and Green

Hansen Kitchen Trolley: This butcher’s block trolley is perfect for medium-sized kitchens. With a chopping board surface, you get additional room to prepare your food. A drawer, shelf, and bottom rack provide ample room for crates, recipe books, and other kitchen utensils. £249.99 from Laurel Foundry at Wayfair (product code: CCOP3896).

standalone kitchen storage furniture ideas, hansen trolley butchers block

Hansen Kitchen Trolley from Laurel Foundry at Wayfair

Bodgers Kitchen Pantry Display Cabinet: If you like buying groceries in bulk, this standalone pantry is what you need. This rustic industrial-style cupboard has been made from a combination of distressed wood with a black metal frame. There are five cupboards with internal shelves. £319.99 from Borough Wharf at Wayfair (product code: BBHS1000).

standalone kitchen storage furniture ideas, bodgers pantry

Bodgers Kitchen Pantry Display Cabinet from Borough Wharf at Wayfair

Florence Kitchen Dresser Display Cabinet: Anyone with a collection of heirloom tableware may wish to showcase these in a glass cabinet. This navy-blue dresser boasts three display shelves, two drawers, and a cupboard. The unit is in two parts for easy assembly. £599.99 from Florence Furniture at Amazon UK  (product code: B078Y51LRH).

standalone kitchen storage furniture ideas, florence kitchen dresser

Florence Kitchen Dresser Display Cabinet Florence Furniture at Amazon UK

Canterbury Sideboard: If you crave more surface space, this sideboard will oblige. You get three drawers with vintage-style cup handles. The glass-fronted doors with internal shelves are ideal for tableware. The dark pine counter teams beautifully with the silk grey painted base unit. £189 from Noa and Nani at Amazon UK (product code: B01KWAFXOK).

standalone kitchen storage furniture ideas, canterbury side table

Canterbury Sideboard from Noa and Nani at Amazon UK

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