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Ten Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

My list of Ten Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom is perfect for anyone who is spending more time in this room during the Covid lockdown. Bedrooms have become a refuge from other people in your home. Whether you like to hang out in your boudoir to watch TV, work from home, read or contemplate, it’s time to make it beautiful. My list of Ten Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom includes buying a better bed frame, mattress and bedding, splashing out on storage and filling the room with beautiful art and adorable objects. I found myself spending much more time in my bedroom, so I treated myself to a large Berber-style rug and a velvet touch bedspread; both made me very happy.

Ten Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom:

1. Upgrade your bed frame

2. Buy a better mattress

3. Invest in quality bedding

4. Dress your bed

5. Splash out on storage

6. Add a dressing table

7. Hang blackout curtains

8. Get the lighting right

9. Warm the floor with rugs

10. Fill the room with beautiful objects

My Ten Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom

A beautiful bed should be the focal point of a bedroom. It may be time to upgrade your bed frame to a visually appealing design. Choose a bed that enhances your interior theme. Four-poster beds and upholstered beds with high headboards always add a sense of drama. If you have space, buy a king-size or a super-king. Soho Home Ltd specialise in boutique hotel luxury bed styles. And So To Bed is best for upholstered beds. Bed Star Ltd has a wide selection of fabric beds. Get Laid Beds is ideal for wooden bed frames that work well in Japandi interiors. Happy Beds has plenty of storage beds.

belsa bed soho home

Belsa Bed (above and featured image), £1526-£1795 from Soho Home Ltd

When you have bought your dream bed, it is time to splash out on a super comfy mattress. You will need to narrow down your search to the firmness and type (memory foam, pocket sprung, hybrid, natural filling, etc.). The bed shops I referenced above all sell mattresses. A few mattress specialists to try are Mattress Online, Mattressnextday, simbasleep.com and Tempur. Always read the money-back guarantees and returns policies should you not enjoy the mattress you buy.

eco mattress john lewis

EcoMattress (product code: 80076111), £799 King Size from John Lewis & Partners

Investing in quality bedding (duvet, pillows and bed linen) will help you enjoy your new bed and mattress to the maximum. Choose crisp white bedding if you want to achieve a hotel bedroom look. If you wish to introduce colour, you can do that with the bed linen. You may like to use cooler Egyptian Cotton bed linen in the summer, which you can buy from Soak & Sleep. MayfairSilk is the best online shop to buy luxury silk pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers.  Bedeck Home has plenty of pretty pattern duvet sets. Julian Charles has luxury bed linen. Rise&Fall specialise in ethically sourced bedding. The Fine Bedding Company sell ethically sourced duvets; I’d buy the boutique duvet, which is pure luxury. Pillows are essential, and you should choose one that is designed for the way you sleep, whether that is on your side, back or stomach. Tempur sell ergonomic pillows which provide neck support for side sleepers.

peacock blue white bedding bedeck

Peacock Blue Hotel 300 Thread Count Plain Dye White Bedding, £30-50 from Bedeck Home

Dress your bed so that it looks inviting. Treat yourself to a beautiful bedspread. Add a throw and boudoir pillows or cushions for the wow factor. Don’t go too overboard because having to take all those cushions off before you get into bed is a chore. Urbanara has a wonderful selection of 100% cotton and linen cushions. Try Dunelm for inexpensive boudoir cushions.

dunelm arianna grey boudoir cushion dunelm

Arianna Grey Boudoir Cushion, £8 from Dunelm

Plenty of storage is a key part of keeping a bedroom tidy and clutter-free. Quality is key in whether you have a large, fitted sliding door wardrobe or stand-alone bedroom storage. If your bedroom isn’t spacious, try under-bed storage. John Lewis & Partners has a wide range of large wardrobes in contemporary and traditional styles. Alternatively, you can commission a local carpenter to build you a bespoke wardrobe.

marlow bedroom wardrobe john lewis

Marlow Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe (product code: 80316108), £1599 from John Lewis & Partners

Including a dressing table in the bedroom is always handy as a place to put on your make-up. Place the dressing table close to a window so that you can benefit from natural light. Arrange your scent bottles and jewellery box on the top of the unit, and the drawers are useful for lingerie. The dressing table can double up as a laptop desk should you need to work from home. Made.com UK has some super stylish dressing tables.

ebro blue dressing table madedotcom

Ebro Blue Dressing Table, £299 from Made.com UK

Installing blackout curtains is a good way to ensure that you can fall asleep in your bedroom, no matter if it is daylight outside. If you don’t like your bedroom to be totally dark, I’d advise layering your window dressings. For example, you could fit a roller blind and curtains, which provide options for darkness. Lavish curtains that fall to the floor always look particularly gorgeous in a bedroom. Curtains are a good way to add a splash of colour or pattern to the room. For made-to-measure bedroom curtains, try Plumbs Ltd or John Lewis & Partners. If you want window blinds or roller blinds, go to Make My Blinds.

bluebellgray peggy pair lined pencil pleat curtains john lewis and partners

Bluebellgray Peggy Pencil Pleat Curtains (product code: 66121502), £140-240 from John Lewis & Partners

Get the lighting right. Hotel bedrooms don’t usually have ceiling lights; instead, they have floor lamps and bedside table lamps. This is a lighting style you can adopt for your own bedroom. If you already have overhead lights fit a dimmer switch to control the brightness. Pretty boudoir lampshades can help achieve a softer and more relaxing effect in the bedroom. Pooky is the place to shop for lovely lampshades, lamp bases and additional lighting. Lights4fun has a large selection of TruGlow candles, which look exactly like real candles but are battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire.

peardrop table lamp pooky

Peardrop Table Lamp Base, £108 sale price from Pooky

Warm up your feet with a rug. If you have a wooden floor in the bedroom, a bedside rug to put your feet on in the morning is a welcome idea. Larger Berber-style rugs look adorable in the bedroom. Cox and Cox and Olivia’s both stock gorgeous rugs.

souk printed bedside rug cox and cox

Souk Printed Bedside Rug (product code: 1628222), £35 from Cox and Cox

Fill the bedroom with lovely things, whether that’s a vase full of flowers, plants, art or wall hangings. A full-length mirror is always useful and can look amazing if you choose one with a fabulous frame. Buy an original piece of art from Artfinder. If you want to create a gallery wall using inexpensive prints, Abstract House sell ready-to-buy collections. India Jane and BTFY have a great selection of dressing table accessories and decorative objects.

blush pink velvet jewellery box beautify
Blush Pink Velvet Jewellery Box, £27.99 from BTFY

You may be interested in reading about more interior ideas and looking at pictures on my Pinterest Boards.

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