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Ten Important Bathroom Refurbishment Tips

My ten important bathroom refurbishment tips will help you focus on what’s essential when remodelling your bathroom. There is a lot to think about, but it is mostly common sense. If you take the time to consider who will use the bathroom and how you use the space, it will save time and money. Fitting a new bathroom can be expensive, so don’t rush it. Even if you are employing a company to create a bathroom design, it is important that you at least know what you want to achieve. Important bathroom remodelling elements include 1. Form, 2. Function, 3. Finish, 4. Longevity, 5. Waterproofing, 6. Ventilation, 7. Heating, 8. Lighting, 9. Storage and 10. Privacy.

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Mode Orion Stone Grey Wall Hung Toilet and Countertop Basin Suite (search product code: SGBUN02) from VictoriaPlum.com

My Ten Important Bathroom Refurbishment Tips

1. Form: Having a beautiful bathroom can help sell your property. It’s also a good investment for you because you get to enjoy it. Your bathroom design is a personal choice; however, you need to think about other people’s tastes if you plan to sell your home over the next few years. Opt for a modern bathroom suite if you don’t have a preferred interior style or are unsure. If you have a period property, you might want to go for a traditional bathroom suite. Sum up what you want to achieve from your bathroom refurbishment in a couple of words (i.e. fresh and clean or relaxing spa). Keep these words in mind when you are buying the bathroom suite and tiles. Luxury bathrooms often have neutral colours (white, taupe, beige, cream) or monochrome (black, white, grey). Compact bathrooms will benefit from a wall-hung toilet and basin/vanity unit to maximise the floor space.

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Mode Orion Complete Bathroom Suite with Contemporary Stone Grey Wall Hung Toilet and 1700 x 806 Freestanding Bath (search product code: SGSUITE04) from VictoriaPlum.com

2. Function: No matter which bathroom style you choose, the function is an important consideration. Think about who uses the bathroom and how they use the bathroom. If you have children, you’ll need a bath against a wall rather than a roll-top bath because it is more practical. If you rent your home to busy professionals, you may want to install a steam shower (sponsored link) instead of a bath. When deciding where to place the shower, bath, basin, toilet or towel rail, think about how you perform tasks. The easiest way to do this is to be mindful of your actions when using the bathroom. For example, the towel rail should be near the shower or basin so you can grab a towel to dry yourself. It is important to have access to water pipes in case of a leak so bear that in mind.

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The Heating Co. Bali Anthracite Grey Heated Towel Rail (search product code: SBR750AN), £105 from VictoriaPlum.com

3. Finish: Having a professional bathroom fitter undertake the bathroom refurbishment can help you achieve a quality finish. For example, box-in pipework and ensure the tiling and grouting are flawless.

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4. Longevity: Bathrooms are expensive to install. Make sure your bathroom refurbishment will suit the next ten years of your life. If you are approaching your senior years, you may need a higher comfortable toilet so that it’s easier to sit down and get up again. If you are planning a family, getting rid of the bath for a wet room may not be the best idea. It’s also a good idea to consider the longevity of your bathroom design. What is on-trend now may look outdated in a couple of years.

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5. Waterproofing: An essential consideration for a bathroom refurbishment is making sure the room is waterproof because anywhere water can find to run, it will. Avoiding leaking onto your ceiling or a neighbour’s ceiling is paramount. Making the room watertight means that the wall or floor tile grouting needs to be perfect. Ensure you have a good floor covering, such as tiles or laminate. A wooden floor is not sufficient. Silicone sealant should be applied where the wall meets the floor to create a seal that stops water from escaping. The sealant must be around the bathtub, shower, basin and toilet. Make sure you re-grout and re-seal when necessary. All furniture needs to be waterproof, especially cabinets underneath basins, so buying a quality vanity unit is important.

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Flat Marble Arch Grey Gloss Tiles (search product code:13647), £20.95 per SQM from Walls and Floors

6. Ventilation: You need to help steam escape from the bathroom to avoid causing dampness. If you have a window in the bathroom, open it regularly. If you do not have a window, you will need to fit an extraction fan. Make sure you clean the dust from the fan regularly.

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White Curved Heated Towel Rail (search product code: 3895993), £58 from Homebase

7. Heating: Bathroom heating is important. You can consider several options, including a towel rail, radiator, underfloor heating, or an electric heater. Bear in mind the size of your bathroom and heat accordingly. For example, if you have a large bathroom, then you should fit a tall towel rail.

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Zone Denmark Black Magnifying and Illuminating Table Mirror (search product code: 5722000109136), £100 from Amara

8. Lighting: Getting the lighting right in the bathroom is a balance, particularly when you don’t have natural light. It’s important that the lighting is not too bright, yet bright enough for putting on your make-up and flossing your teeth. Downlighters are a good idea but don’t go overboard. Choose either warm white bulbs or cool white, which are brighter. Another option is a waterproof ceiling light with a cover. If the room is particularly dark, you may want to buy a light that mimics natural sunlight. A light source over the mirror is vital, and illuminated wall-hung mirrors or mirror cabinets are a good solution. Portable magnifying table mirrors are another idea. Decorative lighting is worth exploring, such as a statement chandelier to hang over your roll-top tub. Consider how you switch on the lights, which can be via a motion sensor, a pull cord if it is inside the bathroom or a switch outside the bathroom. It is worth installing a shaving socket which you can use to charge your electric toothbrush. If you want to create a relaxing mood when soaking in the tub, battery-operated candles are a safe option. Please note that bathroom lighting must adhere to current safety guidelines. Always use a qualified electrician.

aspect double mirrored and illuminated bathroom cabinet john lewis

Aspect Double Mirrored and Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet (search product code: 84901926), £650 from John Lewis & Partners

9. Storage: Plan storage into your bathroom design. Easy ways to introduce storage is via a vanity basin that has drawers or a cupboard underneath. A wall-hung mirror cabinet is another great idea but buy one that is deep enough. Freestanding tallboys are perfect for folded towels and toiletries. Leaning ladder shelves are ideal if you want towels and beauty products on display. The large area under the bath is excellent for cleaning products, so buy a bath panel with doors. Having bespoke built-in storage is always a great idea if you have an awkward space. Other storage solutions include a trolley unit on wheels or a laundry box that doubles as a seat. Coat hooks on the back of the door are handy for hanging clothes or towels.

industrial bathroom console dunelm

Industrial Bathroom Console, £99 from Dunelm

10. Privacy: Bathrooms are an excellent place to seek solace from your partner, the kids or housemates. Being able to lock the bathroom door for privacy is always a good thing!

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