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Ten Industrial Style Interior Design Tips

My Ten Industrial Style Interior Design Tips will help you achieve the luxe factory look you’ve been dreaming about. Industrial décor and furniture are perfect for converted warehouse apartments with high ceilings and an open plan layout. It would also work well in a contemporary home or period property if you get it right. I live in a converted tannery with bare brick walls, metal structural supports and crittall windows, so I love industrial interiors. Read my Ten Industrial Style Interior Design Tips for some advice.

My Ten Industrial Style Interior Design Tips

1. Layout: The best scenario is an open plan layout for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Use room divider screens or arrange your furniture in zones to break up space. It is best to have some privacy for your bedroom and the bathroom, so don’t go knocking all the walls down!

ten industrial style interior design tips room divider wayfair

Chardae City 5 Panel Room Divider (product code: ARGV0412), £159.99 from Williston Forge at Wayfair

2. Floors: Flooring materials can include reclaimed timber, scaffold planks, timber effect tiles, parquet, polished concrete or concrete effect tiles. You may be able to recover the existing floor in a period property or rough up a pristine surface to achieve a lived-in appearance. There are plenty of distressed rugs which you can use to cover undesirable floors.

ten industrial style interior design tips walls and floors tiles

Madagascan Ipil Oak Wood Effect Tiles (product code: 14685), £5.74 per tile from Walls and Floors

3. Ceilings: Rubbing the layers of paint from the ceiling to reveal its natural plaster state might look cool. Polished plaster is a great option that you don’t need to paint in the future. Faux tin tile wallpaper is another idea to consider. If you feel adventurous, you could remove the ceiling to expose the floor joists above, which may be noisy but look impressive.

ten industrial style interior design tips tin tiles wallpaperdirect

Faded White Brooklyn Tin Tiles NLXL Classics Wallpaper Collection (product code: TIN-01), £190 per roll from Wallpaperdirect

4. Walls: Exposed brick walls are superb and the ultimate for achieving an authentic industrial appearance. Whitewashing walls will also look fantastic. Other wall covering ideas include concrete effect plaster, polished plaster or reclaimed wooden planks. You can buy faux concrete, distressed wood, plaster or brick effect wallpaper to get the look without the fuss or expense.

ten industrial style interior design tips b and q concrete wallpaper

GoodHome Sarry Charcoal Concrete Effect Textured Wallpaper (product code: 3663602559153), £16 from B & Q

5. Colours: Keep the wall colour palette natural and neutral, using the original brick and timber floors to set the mood. Natural plaster tones are ideal, so you don’t have to paint them. Otherwise, whitewash with matt emulsion such as White Durable Matt Emulsion (product code: CT-020-100-107028), £38 for 2.5L from Graham & Brown.

ten industrial style interior design tips cuckooland

Vintage and industrial style furniture looks impressive against a white backdrop. Samuel Industrial Display Cabinet (product code: 55135), £479.40 sale price from Cuckooland

6. Windows: If you live in a converted warehouse, you may have large metal windows. These are expensive to cover, so use a cost-effective roller blind that you can change when you want to update your interior colour scheme. If you have smaller windows, wood shutters always look stunning or try aluminium Venetian blinds.

ten industrial style interior design tips make my blinds

Umbra Aluminium Venetian Blinds, price depends upon custom size from Make My Blinds

7. Lights: Metal light shades, cage pendants and industrial-style lamps are readily available. Buy big dramatic lights or group a few together to create a focal point.

ten industrial style interior design tips lights nkuku

Madu Pendant Lights, £60-80 sale price from Nkuku

8. Furniture: Reclaim furniture from the street, skips, secondhand shops, auctions and reclamation yards. If you buy new furniture, you can create a distressed look using sandpaper. Buy an iron bed, cage trolley shelving, medical cabinet and locker-style storage.

ten industrial style interior design tips storage vinterior

Plank Top Industrial Sideboard (product code: 50207588), £365 from Vinterior

9. Home Accessories: Introduce pops of colour with decorative objects. Seek out vintage and curiosity objects to display, such as a typewriter, telephone, factory clock, doll heads, etc. Collect bold urban art, striking sculptures and neon signage to hang on your bare brick walls. Break up the hard materials with lush green foliage in textured plant pots. Cactus and succulents add a splash of green, whether fake or real.

ten industrial style interior design tips sculpture artfinder

Ken Vrana KaDok Mixed Media Sculpture, £917.73 from Artfinder

10. Finishing Touches: Cast iron radiators and fireplaces, industrial-style door handles and toggle light switches are fabulous finishing touches that can make all the difference.

ten industrial style interior design tips direct fireplaces

Carron Fireplaces Abingdon Cast Iron Combination Fireplace, £565+ from Direct Fireplaces

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