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Ten Things To Do In Burgess Park London SE5

I’ve listed my favourite Ten Things To Do In Burgess Park, London SE5. Now that we have a lovely little puppy, park walks are the top of our free things to do on the London list. Since moving to SE1 five years ago, we’ve explored Burgess Park quite a bit, and each time, I like it more and more. The Park is in the borough of Southwark and lies between Old Kent Road, Camberwell and Walworth. If you’re looking for Southwark Parks, things to do near Camberwell, or you find yourself on Old Kent Road, pop into Burgess Park for a lovely walk. I took pictures during my summer visit and returned for another walk and lunch at the Clubhouse Café last week.

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Ten Things To Do In Burgess Park List
1. Explore Chumleigh Gardens and Almshouses
2. Walk around the lovely lake
3. Climb a hill for spectacular views
4. Get involved in a sporting activity
5. Let the kids and teens play all-day
6. Eat local and ethical food at the Clubhouse Café
7. Tuck into breakfast at the Fuorvito Café
8. Admire the historic Lime Kiln
9. Pay your respects to the war memorials
10. Saunter along the tranquil Surrey Canal Path

My Ten Things To Do In Burgess Park List

Burgess Park spans 56 hectares and is the largest Park in Southwark. It’s brimming with amenities, including Chumleigh Gardens and Almhouses, a stunning Lake, Memorials, Sports Facilities and Children’s Play Areas. Stop at one of the cafes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and cake. The Park is split into two halves, separated by Wells Way; one side borders Camberwell and the other Old Kent Road. Next door, you’ll find the Surrey Linear Canal Park and Surrey Canal Path that takes you to Peckham Library.

burgess park chumleigh gardens and almshouses

1. Explore Chumleigh Gardens and Almshouses: You’ll be impressed with the beauty of the 20 almshouses set in Chumleigh Gardens. These were built in the 19th century for poor and infirm senior widows and single women by the Friendly Female Society. The almshouses have been renovated to host meetings in the conference rooms, Park Rangers and Park Art projects. Take time to explore the English and World Gardens, which are spectacular during the summer months.

burgess park lake reeds

2. Walk around the lovely lake: You’ll find a beautiful lake near Old Kent Road and Albany Road, where you can fish if you obtain a permit. The tall reeds swaying in the breeze add an air of tranquillity. Expect to see swans and ducks, which are fun to watch for a few minutes.

views from hill burgess park

3. Climb a hill for spectacular views: There are a few hills/mounds which are fun to climb, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views across the Park.

burgess park outdoor table tennis

4. Get involved in a sporting activity: Burgess Park has plenty of sporting facilities, including a Sports Centre on Cobourg Road, a cricket pitch, a football pitch, tennis courts, outdoor table tennis, an outdoor gym, fishing on the lake and a 5KM running route.

burgess park excellent bmx track

5. Let the kids and teens play all day: Keep the kids entertained at the Chumleigh Street Playground and the Children’s Play Area next door. Teens will love the 400-metre track BMX track.

burgess park sourdough toastie clubhouse cafe

6. Eat local and ethical food at the Clubhouse Café: They serve Volcano Coffee from Brixton, along with pastries, salads, soups and excellent sourdough toasties. The alfresco tables and chairs overlook Addington Square near Camberwell Road. All their profits go towards sports and food for local children.

burgess park fuorvito cafe

7. Tuck into a full English breakfast at the Fuorvito Café: This eatery is on the North side of the Almshouses; they serve ciabattas, burgers, jacket potatoes, homemade shop and lasagna. The kids may like the Chicken Nuggets or Fish Fingers with Fries.

burgess park lime kiln

8. Admire the historic Lime Kiln: A Grade II Listed structure built in 1816 to burn coal and limestone. A stone plaque says, “Barges unloaded the raw materials to be processed in the kiln at wharves along the canal. The kiln was in use until the 1960s. It was left to memorialise the building workers of a century and a half of London’s growth.” The Lime Kiln is on the Camberwell side of the Park near Wells Way.

burgess park war memorial

9. Pay your respects to the war memorials: Look out for the Camberwell Zeppelin Raid Victims Stone near Chumleigh Gardens and the Burgess Park War Memorial Statue inscribed ‘In memory of those who served 1914-1918 is in front of St George’s Church, Wells Way.

surrey canal walk next to burgess park

10. Saunter along the tranquil Surrey Canal Path: Surrey Linear Canal Park is a patch of greenery next to Burgess Park. The canal, dated 1801, was an extension of the Surrey Quays canal. After not being used for some time, the canal was filled in 1974 and became a walking route in 1995. Surrey Canal Path takes you to Peckham Library. On this route, you will pass Glengall Wharf Garden, a community gardening project, and Hill Street Bridge, a historical landmark.

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Helpful Information About Burgess Park London SE5

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Burgess Park was built between the 1950s and 1980s on land previously home to factories, densely populated streets and the Surrey Canal, bombed during World War II. The Park is named after Camberwell’s first women Mayor, Jessie Burgess. The official address is Albany Road, London SE5. Entrances include Albany Road, Old Kent Road, Chumleigh Street and Wells Way. Elephant and Castle is the closest station (15-10 minutes walk). Taking a bus is a better option: Old Kent Road entrance 53,63,78,168,172,363,453. Camberwell Road entrance 12,35,40,45, 68, 468. Albany Road entrance 42,343. There is a car park on Chumleigh Street. Visit the Burgess Park Website for more information.

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