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Ten Tips For Staging Your Home Office

Here are my Ten Tips For Staging Your Home Office. With many people working from the comfort of their house, a home office is often on the property wish list. If you are selling your home, transform the box room into a super organised creative hub. I’ve listed my Ten Tips For Staging Your Home Office to get you started.

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Ten Tips For Staging Your Home Office

My 10 Tips For Staging Your Home Office:

1. Declutter: No one likes a crowded space, so it’s time to shred any documents you no longer need and remove all the junk you’ve dumped in this room over the years.

2. Clean: Take everything out of the room and give it a clean, which includes cobwebs from the ceiling, deep cleaning the floor, washing down the walls and making your windows shine.

3. Decorate: If required, give the walls and ceilings a lick of white or neutral paint to spruce them up.

4. Repair: Fix anything that’s broken, like a broken wobbly desk or office chair.

5. Reorganise: Put the furniture back in the room and try different furniture arrangements to make sure your desk has a great view across your garden.

6. Buy: If your furniture looks old and tired, buy a few new pieces like a desk, office chair and storage.

7. Borrow: If you don’t have the cash to buy new furniture and accessories, you can re-use what you already have in the house. A dining room chair, a jam jar for pens, and flowers from the garden will brighten the room up.

8. Sleep: If the room is large enough, you might want to present it as a guest room with a pull-out couch.

9. Stage: Once the furniture has been arranged, you can stage the room with a few cute accessories. Cacti and succulent plants, desk tidy accessories, lamps and lovely storage items will breathe life into this room.

10. Creative: Present this room as a productive space by adding creative stimuli. Place a pin board above the desk and attach some beautiful postcards, and hang clipboards with arty postcards on the wall.

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Ten Tips For Staging Your Home Office Inspiration

I’ve put together a few pictures which showcase a lovely home office set-up. These images will give you a few tips and ideas when staging your workspace at home. The products are all available to buy online from a shop called Cox and Cox.

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Cox and Cox Home Office Products

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