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Ten Wardrobe Decluttering Tips

My Ten Wardrobe Decluttering Tips will get you motivated to clear out anything you don’t need, use or fit into from your wardrobe. People become very attached to their clothing, shoes, and bags and don’t seem to be able to let go of them. But if you live in a small apartment and your wardrobe door is difficult to shut, it’s time to get rid of some stuff. There are many benefits to decluttering your wardrobe, which include: being able to find the clothes you wear quickly. You’ll feel less stressed in the morning when you’re getting ready for work. Your clothes will get less creased. I hope my Ten Wardrobe Decluttering Tips will give you some inspiration to get this task ticked off your list.

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Ten Wardrobe Decluttering Tips List

1. Designate a time when you can attend to this task without any interruptions, turn your phone off, get some snacks and put on some music

2. Start by taking everything out of the wardrobe and plonk it on the floor, on your bed or over the back of your sofa

3. Sort your clothes into category piles – work, casual, party, gym, and lounging

4. Tackle one category at a time, sorting them into five piles – keep, ditch, decide, donate and sell

5. Items you know that you want to stay put straight back into the wardrobe

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6. The ditch pile is for any items of clothing you think no one else will want, which you can take straight outside now and dump in the rubbish bin

7. Those garments you need to decide if you are keeping, you’ll need to try them on, look in the mirror and give yourself an honest assessment; allow one minute per item

8. Some of your clothes may be worth donating to a charity shop or a clothing bank so take those there tomorrow

9. Items of value such as designer garments you can sell via re-sale websites and online auctions

10. Bag up the things you are ditching, recycling and selling, then put the clothes you want to keep back in the wardrobe (make sure you clean the inside of the closet first, though!)

Pat yourself on the back, order a celebratory takeaway and open a bottle of vino, cheers!

Make Money From Your Wardrobe Decluttering

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If you have items of value, such as designer coats, clothing, bags or shoes, you can sell these online. eBay is a great place to start; all you need to do is open an account, take pictures, write a description and post the items off to buyers. There are plenty of companies that sell the items for a commission. Some will even go to your home to appraise the pieces for you. Try Cudoni and Rebelle if you want to sell designer clothing. In the summer, you can always have a yard sale or trot along to a car boot sale and flog your wares there which is fun.

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