the good egg restaurant, stoke newington

The Good Egg Restaurant Stoke Newington

The Good Egg restaurant opened up recently on Stoke Newington Church Street. As the name implies, they serve plenty of egg dishes. The menu is a hybrid between Tel Aviv, New York, London and Montreal so you’ll find tasty stuffed pitas, bagels, burritos and various smoked meats with those eggs. It’s interesting, casual style food with a focus on great ingredients from reputable suppliers. If you’re searching for Stoke Newington restaurants, best places for breakfast in Stoke Newington or weekend brunch in North London do give The Good Egg restaurant a try.

the good egg restaurant, chorizo breakfast burrito

“The Good Egg is a fabulous deli-style dining space in the heart of Stoke Newington serving full flavour fusion food from Tel Aviv via New York, London and Montreal,” Homegirl London

The Good Egg Restaurant Menu

This exciting eatery was founded by Joel Braham and baker Oded Mizrachi. With two chefs, Alex Coppard and Myles Broscoe on board, the bunch of friends are on to a real winner. After earning their apron stripes at food markets and with some financial help from crowdfunding, they’ve finally settled in Stoke Newington. They’ve managed to create a dream brunch menu for hungry Londoners who are yearning for a cool place to hang out with some tasty grub and bloody marys.

the good egg restaurant, table setting

Table Setting

For weekday breakfast you can order something small like halva croissant or apple and custard pastry. If you’re hungry, try the toast (the bread is delicious) with scrambled eggs, crème Fraiche and herbs. Or perhaps you might want plain scrambled eggs with the very best smoked salmon from Hansen and Lydersen. Alternatively, go for the avocado served with sumac (Middle Eastern spice) and raw tahini. During the week brunch come lunch plates include freshly baked bagels with different fillings. We tried the Jerusalem plate; a large veggie bourekas filled with spinach and cheese served with a boiled egg, salad and house pickles. It was super tasty and a lovely bite for an early lunch.

the good egg restaurant, savoury pastry

Jerusalem Plate

They have more brunch offerings at the weekend. Stuffed pita bread is likely to be available whenever you go. For example, there is one with streaky bacon, egg and date jam. Or you can try the Iraqui Aubergine Pita which we loved. It was crammed with egg, aubergine, house pickles and more. This arrives presented on a tin tray which is just so cute. Shakshuka is one of their staple dishes if you haven’t tried this before its baked eggs with tomatoes and peppers plus yoghurt and sumac which you can have the veggie style with halloumi or a meaty merguez spicy sausage.

the good egg restaurant, filled pita

Iraqui Aubergine Pita

Other brunch options might include burritos. We tried one with egg, potatoes, cheese, refried beans or you can have with chorizo (first picture in this article). The Montreal smoked meat features pastrami, potatoes, onions and eggs. You can also order some lovely additions to share like cornbread with salted honey and a dash of chilli or the Dak Dak Middle Eastern salad. If you fancy something sweet go for the challah (Jewish braided bread) French toast with date jam featuring caramelised banana, sweet dukkah (Egyptian herb, nut and spice mix) and an optional side of bacon. You can also satisfy your sugar cravings with the freshly baked Babka, which is a twisted loaf cake.

the good egg restaurant, veggie breakfast burrito

Egg and Potato Burrito

For dinner, you’ll be delighted with buttermilk fried chicken smothered in chilli, and honey. The sea bream comes roasted with a cumin crust, and paprika and the pulled spiced brisket is slow-roasted with pickled mushrooms and spices. Or you can get a large sharing board with pastrami cured short-rib which comes with pickles, sauerkraut and a few other morsels. Veggie options include the Dak Dak salad, beets with dill and whole roast cauliflower. If you’re a vegetarian, it’s better to try brunch instead of where you have more options. They have a few desserts like Tahini ice cream with pistachio brittle and date syrup or a New York baked cheesecake, yum! Wine, cocktails and craft beers are also served so you can push the boat out.

The Good Egg Restaurant Interiors

As you approach the restaurant, you might see a few people outside waiting to get in. They have an old fashioned exterior which is quite lovely and reminds me of a Brooklyn style vintage deli. Inside, the venue occupies one floor, which isn’t massive, but it is quite cosy. There is also an outside space which doesn’t look utilised yet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a good picture of the interiors as there were too many people in the restaurant, so I’m using this one from their Instagram (hope no one minds).

the good egg restaurant, interiors

Restaurant Interiors

There’s room for about forty people. At the back of the space, there is a wooden bench with tables for two people placed in front and then a wooden bistro style chair. Behind that are open shelves with plates stacked on top. You need to remember this when you get up from your seat, so you don’t knock them over! Along the other wall, you’ll find the open kitchen where you’ll see the chefs busy preparing your lovely food. You can sit upon a stool facing the kitchen counter if you want. Overall it’s a laid back and casual dining space which suits the food served here.

The Good Egg Restaurant Information

the good egg restaurant, exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Mashup of Middle Eastern (Tel Aviv), New York, Montreal and London dishes, with bagels, burritos, pitas, eggs and more
Price: Brunch plates around £6.50-9, dinner dishes £13-16 and the large sharing Montreal smoked short rib platter £22
Website: The Good Egg
Address: 93 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0AS
Near: the Nearest station is Stoke Newington which is on the Overground line, it is very close to Clissold Park which is lovely so do go for a walk to work off your brunch
Open: Check the website for up to date opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes, but it’s too small a place to hog a table with your laptop so please don’t be annoying
Décor: Brooklyn deli-style eatery
Seating: Around 40 seats inside plus a small outside space out the back
Toilets: You’ll find it to the side of the kitchen cooking counter
Reservations: You can reserve some tables for weekend dinner and weekend brunch online or by calling. They keep some tables free for walk-ins. It’s quite a small place, so sometimes it is difficult to get a seat. I’ve been twice and managed to get a table during the week. I tried once at the weekend, but they were too busy

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: All Homegirl London except the one interior picture. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.