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The Moonwalkers At The Lightroom Kings Cross London

Last Friday, my partner and I visited The Lightroom in Kings Cross, London, where we experienced “The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks.” Since its launch in January this year, the exhibit promises an engaging exploration into America’s past and future lunar expeditions. It remains open until 9 June 2024, offering ample opportunity to book your tickets. If you’re looking for the best exhibitions in London, things to do in Kings Cross, or you’re a fan of Apollo missions, “The Moonwalkers” will take you on an unforgettable journey.

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Prepared To Be Captivated By The Moonwalkers

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Your Lightroom tickets do not assign seating, allowing attendees to find their place to perch, whether a seat or on the ground. We found an excellent elevated spot at the back, preparing to be captivated by the fifty-minute presentation that unfolded around us.

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“The Moonwalkers” is narrated by the esteemed actor and writer Tom Hanks, whose voice alone is warm, welcoming and engaging. Beyond his narration, Hanks is deeply passionate about space exploration. He is a member of the National Space Society’s Board of Governors and is recognised by the Space Foundation.

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As you may be aware, Tom’s contributions to space-themed entertainment include producing the HBO mini-series “From the Earth to the Moon” and co-writing the IMAX film “Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D.” And let’s not forget his acclaimed role as astronaut Captain Jim Lovell in “Apollo 13.” So, he is the perfect person to transport you to the moon and back again.

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In “The Moonwalkers,” Hanks guides the audience through the captivating saga of the Apollo missions, highlighting the first astronauts to land on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and shedding light on the subsequent lunar explorers. The show also revisits iconic astronaut quotes, including Armstrong’s historic moon landing statement: That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

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Directed by Nick Corrigan and Lysander Ashton from 59 Productions, “The Moonwalkers” envelops the Lightroom in a visually stunning lunar narrative. You’ll also hear fresh interviews between Hanks and the Artemis program astronauts, offering insights into the next generation of lunar missions.

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The show benefits from the creative contributions of Christopher Riley, a double BAFTA-nominated writer-director with a history of impactful space exploration films and TV shows. Directed and designed by 59 Productions, renowned for their “David Hockney: Bigger & Closer” at Lightroom, and with NASA digital restoration expert Andy Saunders as Consultant Producer, the show delivers a breathtaking celestial experience.

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The visual feast is complemented by an original orchestral score from Anne Nikitin, whose previous works include the Apple TV+ series “HIJACK” and “American Animals.” Her composition, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, adds a profound emotional dimension to the narrative, elevating the entire experience. Take a tissue, as you’ll get a tear or two escaping from your eyes.

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Despite not being an avid space exploration follower, I found the show to be an educational and fascinating way to spend fifty minutes on a Friday, a refreshing alternative to the usual workday. If this had been on TV, I probably wouldn’t have watched it. I enjoyed the entire experience, from Tom Hanks’s voice to the original music and the educational content. It does make you feel incredibly proud of the moon landing achievements of the past and curious about the forthcoming Artemis moon landing mission. What massive achievements. Watch this space for subsequent explorations!

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Helpful Information About Lightroom Kings Cross

For further details, please visit the Lightroom website. They are at 12 Cubitt Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 5DY. The venue is about an eight-minute walk from Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations. Ticket prices for adults begin at £25, with costs varying based on the visiting time. Tickets for students and individuals under 18 start at £15, while children under three years of age are admitted free of charge. Please note that an adult must accompany young children. The exhibition, which lasts 50 minutes, is available until 9 June 2024.

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Facilities include restrooms at the exhibition’s entrance and a small gift shop.

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Additionally, guests can enjoy a selection of snacks and drinks provided by St John’s in the foyer.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London except the two of Tom Hanks. Disclosure: I received two tickets to see this show, so I have marked the post as sponsored.