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The Rise Of Quiet Spaces In Modern Offices

In the post-COVID era, the hybrid blend of remote and office work has emerged as a favoured model for employers and employees. This seemingly offers the best of both worlds, but does it? The popular open-plan office environment can be distracting when you overhear your colleagues’ phone conversations or group discussions, especially when the topics are irresistibly engaging! The quest for tranquillity within the workplace is gaining momentum as we crave quiet spaces for phone calls, meetings and privacy. Thankfully, companies like Meavo offer solutions for these annoyances by designing Office Phone Booths and Office Meeting Pods.

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Make Your Calls From An Office Phone Booth

Enter Meavo with an innovative solution tailored to this modern dilemma: Office Phone Booths. These super cool booths are reminiscent of the iconic London red phone boxes. They have been reimagined for the office to provide a secluded spot for making Zoom calls or engaging in private conversations without disturbing peers. Beyond offering peace, the booths can also aid mental well-being and a refuge from the office’s hustle and bustle. These booths address two major annoyances (for me): the inexplicable need to raise one’s voice during phone calls (known as the Lombard effect) and the habit of pacing during conversations!

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A Meavo spokesperson tells me, “Due to hybrid working models, there is a notable increase in the adoption of phone booths in business environments. With this model, employees in the office need to communicate with colleagues working remotely on any given day. Consequently, even as overall office space may be reducing in size compared to the pre-COVID era, phone booths and meeting pods within office settings are on the rise, reflecting the evolving needs of a more fluid and distributed workforce.”

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The Soho Phone Booth is the pinnacle of this innovation, equipped with a mobile phone charging point and customisable to any colour without additional costs. Starting at £3,499, these booths are hand-painted with 1,000+ exterior colours and optional oak grain finishes or branding. They are designed in London and constructed from premium European materials. You’ll be pleased to hear they incorporate over 800 recycled plastic bottles, thus contributing to global reforestation efforts.

Put An Office Meeting Pod On Your Agenda

As I’ve mentioned, groups of people chatting in the office can also disturb your flow. Meavo introduces the Camden Meeting Pod for collaborative needs, designed to accommodate up to four individuals for meetings or conference calls within open-plan offices. Like the Soho Phone Booth, these Meeting Pods are customisable in colour and can be easily disassembled and relocated, ensuring that meeting privacy and aesthetic preferences need not be compromised. They look like a nice place to hang out; I’d probably be in there all day!

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Benefits Of Quiet Spaces In Offices

Meavo’s Office Phone Booths and Meeting Pods present a compelling solution to the everyday challenges of modern open-plan offices, marrying privacy with design and functionality. Some of the benefits include improved concentration and health, reduced stress from noise pollution, enhanced privacy, better audio quality for calls and conversations, flexibility for different work styles and minimised distractions.

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Incorporating quiet spaces into open-plan offices addresses the drawbacks of such layouts and contributes to a more versatile and supportive work environment. Maybe I could get one for my apartment; working in the same room as my partner can be distracting; he often talks loudly on his mobile phone and is definitely a pacer!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Meavo. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, advert, advertising.