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Transforming My Bathroom With Porcelain Superstore Tiles

I’ve just transformed my primary bathroom with Porcelain Superstore tiles. My partner and I moved into our converted warehouse apartment five years ago. We loved the character, including the original brick walls and imposing metal windows. However, the downside is that the interiors were outdated and required a complete renovation. Although we were super happy with our work, I wished I’d installed a shower about the bath in the primary bathroom. With a full diary of guests on the horizon, I decided it was time to undertake this project.

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Bathroom Refurbishment With Brix White Tiles

We’re lucky to have two bathrooms in our apartment. Because I prefer showers, I’ve claimed the ensuite as my own. On the other hand, my partner likes bathing; he has made the primary bathroom his place. However, with many guests staying, we felt adding a shower above the bath would be practical.

bathroom before refurbishment project

I’ve been contemplating this modification for some time. My main cause for hesitation was that we uncovered a beautiful brick wall during the renovation, which I didn’t want to lose. But the impracticality of showering next to the brick wall and potentially leaking on the flat below was a concern.

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To get this project started, I needed to find suitable bathroom tiles and ones that would compensate for losing the original brick wall. After thorough research, I chose tiles from Porcelain Superstore that would give the illusion of white-painted bricks. The Brix White Tiles were the perfect solution for tiling over my bath.

brix white tile bathroom tiling

Being cautious, I ordered a free sample tile first. When I held it against the wall, I was delighted with how lovely it looked. The porcelain tiles convincingly mimicked the texture and irregularities of reclaimed warehouse walls, giving a realistic brick appearance. They also had a grey tinge which coordinated with the concrete grey tiles I already had on the floor. Feeling confident about my choice, I ordered the tiles, which arrived in perfect condition.

brix white tile sample from porcelain superstore

Simultaneously, I researched and selected a shower head, valve and over-the-bath shower door, making me even more excited about the bathroom makeover. Before purchasing, I checked all these items with my plumber to ensure I’d made the right choices. With everything ready, I contacted a plumber and found a tiler, setting the dates for the renovation.

bathroom tiles brick style

We discussed the tile arrangement in a traditional brick pattern when the tiler arrived. I chose a light grey grout to complement the grey tinge of the tiles. The tiling process went smoothly, and the tiler praised the quality and ease of working with the Brix White Tiles. I was relieved that my tile choice was proving to be ideal.

finished bathroom tiling

Despite a few days of disruption, the bathroom project was completed successfully. The result surpassed my expectations – I love it! The Brix Tiles replaced the authentic brick wall beautifully, and I don’t miss it at all. Now our guests can enjoy either a bath or a shower. I hope they appreciate the five-star treatment!

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