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Vegetarian Deli Board Creation With Knivesandtools

Thanks to Knivesandtools, I had fun creating a vegetarian deli board today. My modestly equipped kitchen limited my newfound enthusiasm for hosting informal dinners. I realised I needed to improve in the kitchen knives department, with only three to my name, only two of which were sharp. Often, I found myself pulling them out of the dishwasher to clean by hand. Seeking expert advice, Knivesandtools pointed me in the right direction. My primary focus was on kitchen knife sets suitable for cutting and peeling vegetables and fruits. Also, I wanted to find vegetable peelers that actually worked and kitchen scissors that wouldn’t rust. Knivesandtools provided stellar recommendations, and I chose a selection that catered to my needs.

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My New Products From Knivesandtools

Today, I collected my new kitchen tools, including two exquisite mango food boards. I crafted a vegetarian deli food board in celebration using my Knivesandtools acquisitions. My shopping spree at Borough Market, Neals Yard Cheeses and my local deli laden me with delicious ingredients.

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I eagerly tested the Lion Sabatier Fuso Paring Knife, priced at £43.45. Its performance was impeccable, quickly cutting through veggies, proving its worth as a kitchen staple.

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The Zwilling Twin Grip Knife Set (Knife and Vegetable Peeler) at £12.95 is perfect for everyday use. These lightweight tools are top-notch, boasting ergonomic and hygienic designs. I was also impressed with the Opinel T-Duo Peeler 002429 Red Polymer, which cost £11.90.

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The Robert Herder Straight Classic Peeling Knife, £14.95, excels in peeling fruits and veggies. Its razor-sharp blade is a testament to the traditional German “Solinger Dünnschliff” sharpening technique.

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Victorinox SwissClassic Vegetable Knives, priced at £7.55, are essentials for the kitchen and dining table. I discovered that their fine blades make fruit and vegetable preparation a breeze.

knives and tools eden essential kitchen scissors

Realising the importance of kitchen scissors in my daily tasks, I upgraded to the Eden Essentials kitchen scissors for £12.95. Beyond the usual cutting and chopping, these scissors are handy for cutting herbs, fish, some meats, and even cracking nuts, which I’m looking forward to doing at Christmas!

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Finally, I showcased my culinary delights on the beautiful Zassenhaus 59 cm Mango Wood Serving Boards. These food boards are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also treated to be resistant to wood fungi and bacteria. Their unique mango wood grain means each board is distinct, adding a touch of rustic charm to my dinner parties. Who would have thought owning proper kitchen knives would be so exciting? I finally feel like a grown-up. About time!

Watch My Vegetarian Deli Board Creation

Helpful Information About Knivesandtools

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Knivesandtools offers an extensive range of products, from kitchen and sharpening tools to cookware, pocket knives, multitools, torches, batteries, and even binoculars and scopes. Their website is a haven for kitchen beginners like me and seasoned chefs. With their vast selection of kitchen knives, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your needs. I’m thrilled to have expanded my collection beyond just three kitchen knives and now possess quality kitchen scissors and effective vegetable peelers! I’m delighted with my new acquisitions and eager to impress my guests at upcoming gatherings.

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