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Versatile Glass Storage Jars With Lids

Glass storage jars with lids are fabulous and functional. They make excellent kitchen storage jars, but you can also use them for other purposes. I use glass storage jars with lids in the kitchen for cereal, dried fruit and nuts. In my bathroom, I fill them with cotton buds, cotton wool and tooth floss sticks. I also have some in my home office for pens, elastic bands and paper clips. Glass jars are great because you can see the contents, and if you have a lid, it stops dust from getting inside. I’ve curated a collection of different glass jar styles; some have a vintage appearance whilst others are contemporary. The container lids vary from screw tops to clip tops and vacuum seals. The lids are in different materials, including cork, metal, wood and plastic.


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My Favourite Glass Storage Jars with Lids

Feature Image: Glass Jar with Wooden Lid, £20-24 from Layered Lounge

Main Mood Board Image: Tall Ribbed Glass Storage Jar with Black Metal Lid, £8 from Rockett StGeorge

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Rosendahl Copenhagen Grand Cru Glass Jar with Black Plastic Vacuum Seal Lid (search product code: 26248-04), £17 from Nordic Nest UK

House Doctor Organic Shape Mazzo Grey Glass Storage Jar with Lid (search product code: Be1101, £29 from Amara

Eva Solo Silhouette Airtight Mouth Blown Glass Jar with Oak Lid and Leather Detailing, £60 from Made in Design UK

Glass Storage Jar with Lid (search product code: T341885L), £12.50 from Marks and Spencer UK

Kitto Recycled Glass Storage Jar with Sustainable Wood Airtight Sealing Handle Lid (search product code: KJ0901 and KJO902), £29.95-32.95 from Nkuku

Gio Line Fluted Mouth Blown Glass Container with Thick Cork Stopper, £26 from LSA International

Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Glass Storage Jar (search product code: ST-BO-359920 x 1), £4.99 from Rinkit

Argon Tableware Glass Storage Jar with Airtight Clip Lid and White Seal (search product code: GZXS1333), £8.85 from Argon Tableware at Wayfair

Kilner Clip Top Glass Jar (search product code: 84823573), £6 from John Lewis & Partners

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