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West Norwood London SE27 Helpful Area Guide

My West Norwood, London SE27 helpful area guide gives you an overview of this charming residential enclave in South London. From the monthly West Norwood Feast, boasting street food and artisanal crafts, to scenic parks and the historical cemetery, there’s much to explore. Immerse yourself in culture at the Library and Picturehouse or the South London Theatre. For wellness enthusiasts, the West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre and aerial yoga sessions at The Shala await. Discover unique finds in secondhand stores and the independent gift shop. Enjoy the varied dining options, from traditional breakfast to a leisurely brunch, Italian meals, diverse cuisines to Caribbean take-out. Join me as I unveil the wonders of West Norwood.

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Best Things To Do In West Norwood

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Discover the West Norwood Feast, a vibrant market event held every first Sunday from April through December. With over 100 stalls spread across four distinct sites, there’s something for everyone. Savour diverse cuisines at the Food Fair, uncover handcrafted gems at the Artisans Market, pick up fresh local produce at Fresh ‘n Green, and delve into eco-friendly offerings at Village Green.

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Explore West Norwood’s beautiful parks, with Norwood Park as its crown jewel. Elevated within Lambeth, it offers breathtaking views of South London. The park boasts a wet play area, children’s playground, outdoor gym, games court, skateboard park, restrooms and a community garden with a café. It’s a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts with its tree-lined ‘Country Walk’, wildlife pond, and native hedges. Other green retreats include Peregrine Park, Tivoli Park, St Luke’s Church Grounds and the West Norwood Cemetery.

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Speaking of the West Norwood Cemetery, it’s more than just a resting place. As one of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries, it showcases historic monuments, catacombs, and a columbarium. It is located at Norwood Road.

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For film and literature enthusiasts, the Library and Picturehouse is a must-visit. Besides its connection to Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange,” it offers various services from books, computers, Wi-Fi, study spaces to 3D printing. Plus, their cafe serves delicious Ruben Salt Beef Sandwiches, Toasties and Pizzas. The address is 1-7 Norwood High Street.

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The South London Theatre is a renowned non-professional theatre stationed at the Old Fire Station. As a members’ club, it produces around 20 shows annually, from Shakespearean classics to modern tales and family-friendly performances. Find them at The Old Fire Station, 2A Norwood High St. Also, check out The Portico, 23a Knights Hill, which provides space and support to the community and creative projects in arts, film, music, dance and wellness.

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Prioritising health and wellness? The West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre is a holistic community space in a serene green pocket. It’s a comprehensive spot for fitness and relaxation, featuring an 80-station gym, fitness studio, and a newly refurbished 25m swimming pool. The address is 25 Devane Way.

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Lastly, yoga enthusiasts can elevate their practice at The Shala Yoga Centre. Experience a blend of traditional yoga and the thrill of aerial yoga using a low-hanging hammock or yoga swing. They are located on the 3rd Floor, 1 Chestnut Road.

Best Things Places To Shop In West Norwood

West Norwood may not be the top shopping destination. Still, it offers a blend of essential and speciality shops catering to daily needs and beyond, including discount outlets and DIY centres.

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Among the notable establishments, The Book and Record Bar offers a mix of new, rare and second-hand vinyl records and books. It’s more than just a shop; with its live radio broadcasts, music events and coffee service, it becomes a communal space where residents gather and socialise. You’ll find them at 20 Norwood High Street.

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Equally commendable is Emmaus, a second-hand furniture shop whose sales promise great finds and support the homeless community. Their address is 4 Beadman Street.

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Roseberys Fine Art Auctioneers is the spot for those inclined towards luxury items to discover beautiful decorative art, sculptures, jewellery and antique furniture. They are at 70-76 Knights Hill.

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Nor Store London serves as the neighbourhood’s gift shop, boasting a handpicked collection of items ranging from candles and homeware to day robes and kimonos. You’ll find them near the station at 1 Hannen Road.

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Lastly, for those with green fingers or simply an appreciation for nature, Floral Hall Florist and Garden Centre remains an essential visit, providing a selection of plants and flowers perfect for any home or occasion. The Forist is at 370-372 Norwood Road, and the Garden Centre is around the corner.

Best Things Places To Eat In West Norwood

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West Norwood boasts a cafe, restaurants and pubs serving food to satisfy your cravings morning, noon and night. The Electric Cafe, reminiscent of an old-school vibe, offers a traditional full English breakfast at 258 Norwood Road.

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Meanwhile, Sweet Carolina, 2 Knights Hill, entices patrons with their delightful breakfast of avocado on toast or shakshuka and open sandwiches, complemented by quiches and salads during lunch. Another option is Otter, 17 Knights Hill, serving family-friendly breakfast and lunch.

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Pintadera is the place to go for those yearning for Italian, serving everything from pasta and salads to paninis, complete with boards adorned with artisan cheeses and marinated vegetables at 50 Knights Hill. The Garden further extends the Italian offerings with its sourdough pizzas and pasta at 31 Knights Hill. Pizza lovers should stop at Four Hundred Rabbits at 521 Norwood Road.

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Quick Thai meals can be enjoyed at Thai Duck Deli, 461 Norwood Road. Siam Niyom, 347 Norwood Road, offers authentic flavours of North East Thailand, showcasing dishes like papaya salad and various curries. Indian cuisine enthusiasts would find Village Masaleh, 196 Norwood Road, favourable for mixed grills, traditional dishes, and Karachi specialities filling.

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For those in the mood for a hearty Sunday lunch, The Great North Wood at 3 Knights Hill or Knowles of Norwood, 294, 296 Norwood Road, are the ideal destinations.

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Takeaway Caribbean food is well represented in the area. Tickle Me, 56 Knights Hill, dishes Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken and accommodates vegan diners. Patty King, 10 Knights Hill, is a haven for those craving Jamaican Patties. Delly’s, 3 Hannen Road, serves Jerk Chicken and more. Rounding off the Caribbean experience, Platinum Bakery, 330 Norwood Road, serves an assortment of breads, patties, cakes and puddings.

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Other bakeries include Blackbird Bakery, 378 Norwood Road, which serves freshly baked Cinnamon Buns, croissants, flourless chocolate cake and rose and pistachio cake. Florentine Bakery, 463 Norwood Road, is an excellent option for celebration cakes. Cake Box, 483 Norwood Road, is the place for egg-free cakes.

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Helpful Information About West Norwood

West Norwood, nestled in the London Borough of Lambeth, is a delightful residential area in South London. With hills framing its East, West and South sides, it offers scenic vistas across the City of London, Canary Wharf,] and Crystal Palace. Neighbouring regions include Brixton, Dulwich, Streatham and Crystal Palace. St. Luke’s Church is a prominent landmark, a notable Grade II* listed Anglican church where Knights Hill meets Norwood High Street. The West Norwood train station provides excellent connectivity, making local restaurants and shops easily accessible. A short 15-minute walk away lies the peaceful Norwood Park. Visit the West Norwood Wikipedia Page for more information.

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