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Why I Heart Hammam Towels So Much

I heart Hammam Towels so much that I want you to love them too. I live in an apartment with a combined washer dryer and no outside space to dry my laundry. Having bought a couple of Hamman Towels for guests, I decided to start using these myself instead of traditional ‘terry’ towels. The main benefit for me is the speedy drying of the fabric, and luckily, they happen to look utterly adorable too. There are more reasons why these Turkish Towels are handy and very versatile. I received a lovely package full of Hamman Towels from Lorima (Affiliate Link), an independent business that sells quality 100% Turkish Cotton towels online. Join me as I explain why I heart Hammam Towels so much.

lorima hammam towels selection

Quality Hammam Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Hammam Towels Have Many Benefits

Hammam Towels are also called ‘Peshtemals’ and ‘Turkish Towels’. They date back to the Ottoman period when they were used in the Hammam Baths, hence the name. There are so many benefits of swapping from traditional towels to Hammam Towels, if you read on, you’ll discover why.

lorima hammam towels in basket

Beautiful Pattern Hammam Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Hammam Towels are flat woven towels made from 100% natural fibres, so they feel lovely against your skin. Hamman Towels are highly absorbent, so they are perfect for drying after a bath, shower, hair wash or swimming. The weave design captures moisture which is why they are so useful.

lorima hammam towels for bathroom

Highly Absorbent Hammam Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

The reason why I love them so much is that they are less bulky than regular towels, so they dry very quickly. The flat weave means there is no need to tumble dry as washing line during takes about 15 minutes on a sunny day with a gentle breeze. If you live in an apartment with limited laundry drying options, you will appreciate the speedy drying time of these towels. I hang mine on a clothes airer, and they are ready to use within a few hours.

lorima hammam towels fast drying

Fast Drying Hammam Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you have guests staying, you can give each person a different design or colour, so they don’t get them mixed up. When the guests leave, you can wash and dry the towels in very little time. Because they are compact, you can fit more into your washing machine than terry towels.

lorima hammam towels for guests

Gorgeous Hammam Towels for Guests from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Hammam Towels are thin, so they take up less space in your linen cupboard. You can roll the Hamman Towels up or fold them flat for storage. They also sit very nicely on bathroom towel rails whereas traditional towels may be too bulky to fit.

lorima hammam towels space saving

Space Saving Hammam Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Hamman Towels are lightweight, usually half the weight of traditional towels. It means that they are great for travelling and out of home use. If you are going on vacation, the Hammam Towels are compact so fit neatly into your suitcase without taking up valuable clothing space. Use it as a sarong, scarf or shawl like a pashmina, which makes this a must-pack holiday item.

lorima hammam towels take on holiday

Handy Holiday Hamman Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

As they roll up very small, you can pop one into your backpack for a picnic, a day at the beach. After use simply shake off the sand or grass, and you can pop the Hamman Towel back in your bag which is perfect for families. If you are off to the gym, swimming pool or yoga session, take your Hamman Towel with you.

lorima hammam towels homegirl london picnic

Portable Hamman Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

I also use my Hamman Towels as throws for warmth in the evening. Drape yours over the arm of your favourite chair or the sofa. They are cosy and add a touch of decorative interest to the living room.

lorima hammam towels living room throw

Hamman Towel Living Room Throw from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Spread a Hammam Towel over your bed to liven up a plain duvet cover. It is an easy way to add a pop of colour or pattern in the bedroom.

lorima hammam towels bedroom throw

Hamman Towel Bedroom Throw from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Not only do these towels perform well, but they look beautiful. Whether you are hanging them on a bathroom hook, placing on a towel rail or using as a throw, you’ll love the striking patterns and tactile feel.

lorima hammam towels main bedroom throw

Hamman Towel Bedroom Throw from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

These Hammam Towels are ethically sourced and 100% cotton. They are environmentally friendly; with fast drying and no need to use the tumble dryer, so they cut down on the use of energy. So what are you waiting for? Swap to Hamman Towels now!

Buy Hamman Towels from Lorima

The Hammam Towels I received from Lorima are so much better than the ones I already had. These are high-quality, ethically sourced and 100% Cotton. The designs are gorgeous, so they look beautiful in your bathroom and other rooms. Choose from Aztec patterns, bubbles, or the selection of block colours with stripes for a more traditional look. The colours include turquoise, teal, blue, grey, lime, coral, orange, pink, red and more. Prices range from £20-29. Take advantage of the 10% discount off your first order if you subscribe to the mailing list.

lorima hammam towels picnic

Lightweight Hamman Towels from Lorima (Picture Affiliate Link)

Bernice, the owner of Lorima, gave me some care instructions. Before use, she recommends that the towels are washed at 30 degrees. The use of fabric conditioner should be avoided because it coats the fibres affecting absorbent properties. I can’t wait to wash them so I can start using the towels!

lorima hammam towels use as throws

Useful Hamman Towel Throws from Lorima (Pictures Affiliate Link)

As I’ve mentioned, the Lorima Hammam Towels are excellent quality in beautiful colours and designs. Bernice, the Lorima owner, is very committed to sourcing the best Hammam Towels she can for her customers. Before setting up her online business, Bernice handled IT for the world’s biggest cruise company, Carnival Cruises. Bernice embarked on a sailing adventure on a 39-foot yacht with her partner, and after a storm had passed, they ended up off the Turkish Coast. It was there that Bernice feels in love with Peshtemals, hence the business idea. Lorima also sells Baby Towels and the cutest baskets in Bolga, Shopper and Shoulder styles. To find out more about the Hamman Towels go to the Lorima website (Affiliate Link).

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