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Wonderful Warm Neutral and Metallic Wallpaper Trend

The warm neutral, and metallic wallpaper trend is wonderful. It’s perfect for anyone who loves neutral interiors but wants a warm and cosy feeling. I Love Wallpaper, the online wallpaper specialist, has an extensive collection of calm and neutral wallpaper colours with pretty patterns. If you choose a subtle colour scheme for your home, opt for cream, ivory, stone or gold. These neutrals have a warm tone that can help make your room feel relaxing and tranquil. Go one step further with metallics for a shiny effect to bounce light around your room. With winter approaching, it’s essential that your interiors feel welcoming and inviting so you can hunker down in style. Join me as I explore super stylish neutral and metallic wallpapers available from I Love Wallpaper. I’ve picked out my six favourites, but there are many more to explore.

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My Favourite Warm Neutral and Metallic Wallpapers

liquid marble cream i love wallpaper

Liquid Marble Wallpaper in Cream (search product code: ILW027), £20 per roll

First up is the Liquid Marble Wallpaper in Cream. It’s a great example of a neutral wallpaper with added interest. A metallic shine enhances the marvellous liquid marble effect for light bouncing brilliance. It’s a great wallpaper if you want to add a subtle pattern that isn’t overwhelming. Because it’s unobtrusive, you can paper the entire room or just a focal wall; either way, I’m sure you’ll be admiring it every time you walk into the room.

venice industrial metallic in ivory and gold i love wallpaper

Venice Industrial Metallic Wallpaper in Ivory and Gold (search product code: ILW4004), £22 per roll

For those with industrial, rustic or Scandi interiors, the Venice Industrial Metallic Wallpaper will appeal. It fuses ivory and gold tones with a metallic finish to create a super stylish shine. The gold detailing gives this wallpaper a luxurious quality, and the textured finish makes it exceptionally fabulous. It’s an excellent choice if you want to create an atmospheric yet warm and cosy vibe for your bedroom. It will also suit a home office or lounge if you want an air of sophistication.

turin industrial in cream and gold i love wallpaper

Turin Industrial Wallpaper in Cream and Gold (search product code; ILW50066), £22 per roll

Turin is another wallpaper option for industrial interiors with a luxe feel. It’s an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to achieve industrial decor in their home but doesn’t want to go grey or moody. The pattern has the appearance of old concrete or plaster without the cold feeling. With the combination of cream and gold, this wallpaper will transform your space into a soft and warm place. Hang it in the bedroom for a blissful and relaxing vibe or the living room to create a feature wall.

pablo in stone i love wallpaper

Pablo Wallpaper in Stone (search product code: ILW50022), £20 per roll

I’m a big fan of line drawings for home décor, and I’m smitten by this wallpaper. Artistic and abstract faces adorn the paper with a nod to Picasso. The warm sand colour is charming and works well as a backdrop to the white line drawings. Each roll contains four vertical drops covering a two-metre wide area and two and a half metres tall. Each strip indicates where you need to cut it to ensure the design matches up. Hang the wallpaper where the wall is no higher than two and a half metres. I think it’s an excellent option for a hallway, cloakroom toilet or home office.

wallis bark texture in cream i love wallpaper

Wallis Bark Texture Wallpaper in Cream (search product code: 59034), £22 per roll

If you want a natural and neutral room, the Wallis Texture Bark Wallpaper in Cream is ideal. It has a tree bark texture, so it will help connect your space with nature. The cream colour is subtle with a glitter effect to add an extra dimension. Hang this wallpaper in the living room with neutral furniture, tactile cushions, and a natural fibre rug. Wallis Textured Bark will work well in a large or small room because it’s simple and subtle.

contemporary wood slat natural i love wallpaper

Contemporary Wood Slat Wallpaper in Natural (search product code: ILW279473), £22 per roll

Slatted wood wall panels are cool and coveted. The Contemporary Wood Slat Wallpaper is perfect if you want the look without the expense. I’m highlighting the cream variant here, but this design is also available in a wide selection of colours. The Scandi style slat pattern looks so realistic that your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. If you want an organic and natural vibe, this wallpaper is a superb choice. Hang it in the living room, home office or dining room, and you’ll be content. Add neutral colour furniture and an abundance of lush green plants to complete the look.

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Buy Warm Neutral and Metallic Wallpapers From I Love Wallpaper

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