We treated ourselves to a Yauatcha City Dim Sum food delivery on Friday. It was expensive, but I wanted a top-notch meal without having to go out. Besides, I could never make Cantonese dumplings myself, so I didn’t mind spending the money. We pre-booked our order via Uber Eats to arrive early evening and counted down the minutes until it came. If you fancy premium Chinese cuisine, Asian food or steamed dumplings get Yauatcha City Dim Sum Delivered To Your Door.

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Our Food Delivery

Our Yauatcha City Dim Sum and Vegetarian Chinese Meal

Homeboy and I shared a selection of vegetarian steamed dumplings. My favourite was the Wild Mushroom Dumplings filled with shiitake, shimeji and oyster mushrooms. The dumpling case was a gorgeous green colour with an intricate shape. The Crystal Jade Dumplings contained mushroom and bean curd. The other was Edamame Truffle Dumplings filled with water chestnut which had a strong taste of truffle.

yauatcha city dim sum delivered to your door wild mushroom dumpling

Wild Mushroom Dumplings

You get three dumplings in each container which is a bit of a challenge if you are sharing with someone else. It would be better to get four pieces, so you didn’t have to plead for the last one! It wasn’t the same theatrical experience of dining in a restaurant and opening the steaming bamboo baskets, but it was pretty darn good. Other dumplings include seafood and black truffle, prawns with Tobiko caviar and pork with prawns. If you are dining with friends, take a look at the Sharing Dim Sum menus.

yauatcha city dim sum delivered to your door vegetarian dumplings

Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings

We also tried the Mushroom Spring Rolls, which were the best spring rolls I’ve ever tasted. It was probably because they included truffle! They were perfectly cooked, crispy without being greasy. You might like to try the Crispy Duck Rolls, Sesame Prawn Toast or the Venison Puffs which all look amazing.

yauatcha city dim sum delivered to your door vegetarian spring rolls

Mushroom Spring Rolls

For our mains, we tucked into a couple of vegetarian stir fry dishes. Wow, I loved the Spicy Aubergines, Okra and Fine Green Beans. The Stir Fry Spring Vegetables with Truffle was a delight thanks to the addition of shimeji and cloud ear mushrooms. We didn’t add rice because it was expensive and I’m glad we didn’t because we were full. I know these were just vegetable dishes, but they tasted so good because of the fine ingredients and thoughtful flavouring.

yauatcha city dim sum delivered to your door aubergine

Spicy Aubergines, Okra and Fine Green Beans

Fish dishes include the Pan-Fried Silver Cod and Stir Fry Scallop with Prawns. Chicken lovers can try the Kung Poa Chicken or Thai Chicken Salad. Meat eaters may want the Stir Fry Rib Eye, Mongolian Lamb Clay Pot or Classic Sweet and Sour Pork. Crispy Duck Salad and Crispy Aromatic Duck are available.

yauatcha city dim sum delivered to your door vegetables

The Stir Fry Spring Vegetables with Truffle

It was a pity that the desserts were sold out because I’ve eaten the pastries and cakes before, and they are amazing. I hope you get to try the Mango Lime Mallow or the Chery Delice. If you are celebrating, you can order a bottle of champagne to accompany your meal. Cheers!

Yauatcha City Chinese Food Takeaway Information

If you are ordering food from Yauatcha, it isn’t going to be cheap. It is for the rich, a treat or for a special occasion. To give you an idea about prices, steamed dumplings cost £9-15, vegetarian spring rolls £11, rice is £5-10, mains are £21-39, and cakes are £6. We ordered our food through Uber Eats from the Broadgate Circle London EC2 restaurant. The other branch is Soho which I have dined at, and it was an enjoyable experience. For more information, visit the Yauatcha Website. Enjoy your meal.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.

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