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Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant Holloway Road

Homegirl London’s Food Review: Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant. This place was recommended by an Italian guy I met on a bus one day. He told me that they serve the best pizza in London so I thought I’d check it out and he was right. If you’re looking for a North London pizzeria or best pizzas in Islington try the Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant.

zia lucia pizza restaurant vegan pizza wholemeal base

“Homely and friendly independently owned pizzeria serving super tasty authentic pizza on a choice of bases,” Homegirl London

Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant Menu

At Zia Lucia’s the dough slow fermented over forty-eight hours and then baked in a handmade wood-fired oven. You get a choice of bases from Vegetable Charcoal which is easier to digest and black. Wholemeal is rich in fibres with an earthy taste. The traditional dough is nice, and light and you also get a gluten-free option. I particularly enjoyed the charcoal base, which we tried with the Parmigiana toppings (tomatoes, mozzarella, aubergines, Parmigiano).

zia lucia pizza restaurant parmigiana pizza

Parmigiana Pizza on Charcoal Base

They had a great selection of vegetarian pizzas like the classic Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, basil), Via Del Campo (tomato, mozzarella, courgettes, aubergines, peppers) and Ortolana (tomato, mozzarella, courgettes, aubergines, peppers). We tried the Andrea Pirlo (mozzarella, gorgonzola, apple, truffle and olive sauce) on the traditional base. I’m not usually a fan of smelly cheese, but this pizza was exceptional. They also have a vegan option which is the La Vegana (butternut squash, cream, fresh tomatoes da camp, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes). We tried this on a wholemeal base which was delicious.

zia lucia pizza restaurant andrea pirlo pizza

Andrea Pirlo Pizza on Traditional Base

Meaty pizza toppings included Nduja (tomato, mozzarella, nduja), Paperon de Pepperoni (tomato, mozzarella, spinata spicy salami, roasted peppers), Broccolosa (tomato, mozzarella, fresh sausage, broccoli) and Centurione (tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, rocket, parmigiana).

zia lucia pizza restaurant vegetable platter

Vegetable Platter

Aside from the pizzas, you can order one of the large salads, a cheese platter or cured meat selection. We shared a big wooden board full of vegetables which were amazing. It was beautifully presented with roasted peppers, aubergines, courgettes, artichokes, butternut squash and carrots. Pizzas cost £6.90-10.90, plates and platters are £6.80-13.50, large salads are £4.90-7.90, and snacks are £3-5.50.

Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant Interiors

zia lucia pizza restaurant interiors

Restaurant Interior

On a sunny day, you can sit outside and dine alfresco under the awning. The large glass windows give you a chance to see the homely interiors. It’s a lovely space with rustic touches from the exposed brick walls and wooden plank shelving. The open kitchen is towards the back, which features a large custom made pizza oven. It’s a buzzy place with a great atmosphere and a family-friendly vibe.

Zia Lucia Pizza Restaurant Information

zia lucia pizza restaurant exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the Zia Lucia Website. The address is 157 Holloway Road, London N7 8LX. The nearest stations are Holloway Tube on the Piccadilly Line, Highbury and Islington Overground or Tube on the Victoria Line and Drayton Park Train Station. Check the website for up to date opening times. Bookings are only for groups of eight or more people. You can also order pizza delivery.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London and the image of the interior is from the restaurant website. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.