I wrote features about some interesting designers during 2012 – Ali Miller, Liz Foster, Laura Oliver, Victoria Eggs, Lucy Turner and James Harrison.  While I was writing up the articles, from my home office, I often wondered what their creative space was like.  There was only one way to find out – ask them to send me a photograph – they did and here are the pictures of those designer desks along with a description ….

Ali Miller is the quirky British homeware designer specialising in eccentric and exquisitely decorated tea pots, coffee pots, cups with saucers and cake plates alongside additional home accessories.  This is Ali’s desk and she says – “this picture shows my space when I’m making art, the rest of the time it’s just piles of paper … my desk gets into an absolute mess, don’t get the chance to tidy it, always so busy.”


Ali Miller Desk

Ali Miller Link

Liz Foster makes a range of soft furnishings and home accessories with a focus on modern appliqué cushions incorporating striking typography and quirky British themes.  This is her space and she tells me – “my desk is actually an old kitchen table.  I use it to sew on, design on and do general admin.   It’s usually pretty cluttered, though I try to have a tidy up at the end of each day.  I’m surrounded by baskets and boxes full of threads and haberdashery; all within reach.  It’s a state of organised chaos.  I would love a bigger desk.”


Liz Foster Desk

Liz Foster Link

Laura Olivia makes fabrics, cushions and wallpapers decorated with beautiful butterflies and fabulous flowers.  She told me – “I love to surround myself with things that inspire and motivate me to get creative in my work space.  I made my own large pin board so that I can constantly display photos, colour palettes and fabric swatches to help with my latest projects.  As I spend a lot of time at my desk I like to keep it clean and fairly tidy where possible!”

 Laura Olivia

 Laura Olivia Link

Victoria Eggs is known for her range of playful, contemporary designed products which celebrates a love for all things British – dinners, London buses and the London.  This is Victoria’s desk and she says “I have a fairly organised desk, although it usually looks a bit messier by the end of the week, ready to tidy up and get back to a clear organised desk on Mondays!  I work across the 2 screens, (Dell monitor and MacBook Pro) and have 2 Canon printers right next to me, one for general print outs and the other for photo quality prints.  I have another desk next to me for anyone who’s helping out, and as you can see a good view of the outside world – I really can’t think why so many of my designs include London buses!

 Victoria Eggs Desk

Graduate Collection Link

Lucy Turner is a furniture designer creating colourful furniture using her unique process of laser cutting and inlaying laminates.  This is her desk and she says – “I sit at my desk most evenings for a couple of hours.  In the day I would rather be in my work shop creating and making.  My desk is organised – organised Chaos.  There are lists, photos, design ideas, bills, invoices, weird objects and swatches but although it looks a mess it’s clean.  I always listen to BBC 6 music when sat at my desk.  I love my gold and leopard print desk chair, it was a gift from my aunty and uncle when I was 15.”


Lucy Turner Desk

Lucy Turner Link

James Harrison of James UK specialises in contemporary furniture with a hint of tradition or nostalgia.  James tells me – “I have two desks in the studio, a work desk and a play desk. The play desk (first picture below) is always cluttered and full of sketch work, fabric samples, scale models or materials and forms that I have been messing with.  The work desk is where the serious stuff has to get done, emailing, spread sheets and ordering – not quite as exciting but an essential part of the business!”


James Harrison Play Desk

James Harrison Work Desk

James Harrison Link

Credits: text by Homegirl London, images taken by the designers, special thanks to all the designers who participated in this feature