Rooms: vintage kitchen accessories

If you hanker after a vintage kitchen then treat yourself to a few accessories to achieve the look.  Vintage Metal Scales are rather cool; I found one which was originally used in a grocery shop in India – £99 from St Aidan Homeware Store.  You can pick up some beautiful ceramic and stoneware objects from second hand shops and car boot sales like the Cold Comfort Farm Milk Bottle Vase which is handmade and based on a 20th century design – £24 from 229 Ceramics.  Or the Vintage Stoneware Jar which is perfect for storing your wooden spoons in – £22 from Magpie Living.   Enamelware products give your kitchen an instant retro feel and the Enamel Bowls and Canisters featuring printed numbers are visually appealing and very handy.  Enamel Lampshades are a must and there are numerous varieties available, the one I’m showing here is great for displaying over a work bench or breakfast bar – £38 from Myhaus.  All of these products are available from Not on the High Street.  Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of At Aiden Homeware, 229 Ceramics, Magpie Living, Primrose and Plum and Myhaus.

 Vintage Metal Scales

Vintage Metal Scales, £99

Cold Comfort Farm Milk Bottle Vase

Cold Comfort Farm Milk Bottle Vase, £24

Vintage Stoneware Jar

Vintage Stoneware Jar, £22

Enamel Bowls and Canisters

Enamel Bowls and Canisters, 3 Storage Jars for £18 and 3 Bowls for £18

Enamel Lampshade

Enamel Lampshade, £38