Homegirl London’s Fabulous Finds: Ways to Stay Cool This Summer. OMG last week was just too hot. My laptop was hot, my office was hot and I was hot … but not in a sexy way! Luckily, I have a Dyson fan so that was on non-stop and the corner store has a great selection of ice creams and cold cans of drink. I intend to be prepared next time so decided to pick out a selection of cooling products. Read on to find out 15 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer, let’s beat the heat!

15 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

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My Fabulous Finds

Tropical Pineapple Jar: Store your ice in this kitsch realistic looking ceramic pineapple jar come ice bucket, £40 from The Contemporary Home at notonthehighstreet.com (product code: 587277).

Brita Marella Cool Water Filter Jug: Keep hydrated with this pastel blue filter jug designed to purify 2.4 litres of tap water, £20.99 from Iwantoneofthose.com UK.

Bar Icelip Jug: Keep chilled lemonade in a jug ready to cool you down, this one is handmade in a simple design, £38 from LSA International (product code: BR14).

Blue Silicone Ice Tray: Large ice cube tray with easy and quick release and capacity for 32 cubes, £10.95 from Divertimenti (product code: 375028).

Magimix le Glacier Ice Cream Maker: Give yourself an ice cream or sorbet treat while you experiment with different flavours, £49.95 from Divertimenti (product code: 43016D).

Curver Cool Box: Keep your food and drink cool in this handy green box, £9.99 from Clas Ohlson UK (product code: 31-1230-4).

Blue Handheld Fan: This pocket-sized fan is handy to carry around when you’re on the move or lounging on the sofa, £2.49 from Currys PC World (product code: 100621).

Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan: Beat the heat at home with this compact fan which also purifies the air, £349.99 from John Lewis (product code: 86850902).

Bare Feet Cooling Foot Spray: Refresh those weary feet with an antibacterial spray from leading Podiatrist Margaret Dabbs, £9.50 for 100ml from Marks and Spencer UK (product code: T226576).

Blue Brasil Mix Havaianas: Expose your feet in these comfy iconic rubber flip flops, £21.99 from Office Shoes (product code: 1269630000).

Superdrug Handy Wipes with Cooling Aloe Vera: Keep these wipes in your bag or pocket so you clean your over heated sticky hands throughout the day, £0.51 on offer from Superdrug (product code: 273451).

Matrix Biolage Scalp Cooling Mint Shampoo: Cool down in the shower and give your hair and scalp a treat with this mint scented shampoo designed to refresh and rejuvenate, £9.20 from HQhair.com.

Superdrug Instant Body and Face Cooling Spray: Spray yourself to instantly cool down  on hot balmy days and nights, £3.99 from Superdrug (product code: 361800).

Rituals Samurai Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray: Get 24-hour protection from seating using this organic bamboo and cedar wood product which will smooth, freshen and revitalise your skin, £8.55 from lookfantastic UK.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist: Spritz your face with this organic cooling and rehydrating mist which can be used over make-up, £13 from Neals Yard Remedies (product code: PLU 0354).

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15 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer