20th century cloth shop stocks retro fabric designs image

20th Century Cloth shop stocks retro fabric designs

Shop spotlight on 20th Century Cloth. As the name implies this online store is dedicated to selling mid-century inspired material. Helen Snell decided to follow her passion for fashion and all things vintage by launching this cool cloth store. These retro fabric designs are perfect for vintage patterns and bespoke clothing. All the fabrics are designed in London and printed in the UK.  I caught up with Helen to find out more.

20th century cloth retro fabric examples

20th Century Cloth – Retro Fabric Selection

Meet the 20th Century Cloth Owner

20th Century Cloth is a beautiful online shop owned by Helen Snell. After completing a degree in fashion print design at Winchester School of Art, Helen worked as a freelancer selling her designs through various textile design agents. She then worked for SR Gent and Courtaulds Textiles supplying Marks and Spencer.

20th century cloth owner helen snell

20th Century Cloth – Helen Snell

Helen tells me about how the business idea started, “I make a lot of my clothes from vintage patterns and am disillusioned with the selection of fabrics available. After taking a career break to bring up my two children, I decided that if I was going back to work, it should be something I enjoy. That’s when I hit upon the idea of designing and printing my range of fabrics. I pride myself on creating fabrics which are completely different from anything else on the market.”

20th Century Cloth Collection

Helen sells mid-century inspired dressmaking fabrics by the metre. To give you an idea of what’s on offer, Helen has recommended five fabrics.

Atomic Blonde is a yummy yellow featuring an abstract pattern.

20th century cloth atomic blonde fabric

Atomic Blonde Fabric

Bluemerang is a beautiful turquoise blue with abstract boomerangs.

20th century cloth bluemerang fabric

Bluemerang Fabric

Delano features bright blue, teal and yellow to make a bold statement.

20th century cloth delano fabric

Delano Fabric

Senora is all about sophistication with a black background and bright retro pattern.

20th century cloth senora fabric

Senora Fabric

Memphis Noir is dark and darling with a black background and dainty flower-like squiggles.

20th century cloth memphis noir fabric

Memphis Noir

Buy 20th Century Cloth

To buy the products, go to the website at 20th Century Cloth. All fabrics are priced at £14 per half a metre; swatches are available for £1 each. UK shipping is free, and they ship worldwide at cost

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: 20th Century Cloth. Thanks: Helen Snell.