adorable small entrance hall ideas

Adorable small entrance hall ideas

As dwellings are shrinking in size it’s important to maximise our space where possible. Hallways are becoming so narrow that they are practically non-existent! But don’t despair because I’ll share some small entrance hall ideas with you. Luckily, designers are cottoning on to the fact that we desperately need compact and clever ways to store our hats, coats and other daily essentials. It’s also nice to be greeted with a pretty piece of furniture as you step through the front door. I’ve selected wall mounted coat racks plus a couple of hallway storage and hallway furniture items to tempt you with. So let’s take a look at my small entrance hall ideas to create your own adorable entry.

small entrance hall ideas, coat rack and unit

Green Metal Wall Shelf and General Shelving Unit from Urban Outfitters UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Small entrance hall ideas see wall mounted coat racks

Hallway coat racks come in all shapes and sizes. If you are really tight on floor space then it’s advisable to go for wall mounted coat racks. The Swinging Coat Hooks are very Victorian in style. The decorative wall plate is layered with a faded and aged gilt effect covering the metal. This is secured to the wall by two screws and the four elegant hooks can be manoeuvred about when needed. Because the ends of each hook are covered with ceramic finials, you won’t dent your coats or hats. Each hook has two prongs so in total you have room for eight items or more if you want to double them up. The measurements are 36cm high, 46cm wide and 26cm in depth – £40 from Cox and Cox.

small entrance hall ideas, wall mounted swing out coat hooks

Swinging Coat Hooks from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Henry Wall Mounted Coat Stand has the appearance of a standing unit but it is actually fixed to the wall. This is ideal if you want the traditional look but don’t want the kids to topple it over. You can really pile on all your coats and hats and it will hold so many that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! The circular ring base is great for damp umbrellas. The wall bracket is easy to fix and is suitable even if you have a skirting board. The measurements are 184cm high, 44cm wide and 22cm in depth – £298 from Rowen and Wren at

small entrance hall ideas, wall mounted coat rack, henry

Henry Wall Mounted Coat Stand from Rowen and Wren at (Picture Affiliate Link)

This Vintage Register Coat Rack gives you six separate hooks with their own numbers beneath each one. Made from metal, it has a distressed and authentic feel about it. It’s a great way to inject some character into a hallway with minimum effort! The measurements are 20cm high, 93cm long and 12cm in depth – £75 from Rose and Grey.

small entrance hall ideas, vintage wall mounted coat rack

Vintage Register Coat Rack from Rose and Grey (Picture Affiliate Link)

Those favouring industrial home décor might lust over this textured metal wire wall mounted coat rack. The purposefully distressed green paint gives this piece a prettiness to what would otherwise be quite a stark fitting. For a compact rack, you actually get quite a lot of space thanks to the four hooks, three compartments plus the top shelf. The measurements are 48cm high, 65cm wide and 21cm in depth – £75 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

small entrance hall ideas, industrial green wire rack

Green Metal Wall Shelf from Urban Outfitters UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

Small entrance hall ideas see hallway storage and hallway furniture

Aside from the coat rack, you might always want some storage or a nice piece of furniture to greet you as you walk into your property. I’ve found a couple of pieces that are a little different from the norm. For a vintage vibe, you might like the General Shelving unit which would actually go really well with the wire unit I mentioned above. With three wooden shelves, you can display plants and store post or use it as a place to put your keys when you get home. It’s a standout piece with the green painted metal frame. The measurements are 84.5cm high, 35.5cm wide and 64cm in depth – £120 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

small entrance hall ideas, vintage style unit

General Shelving Unit from Urban Outfitters UK (Picture Affiliate Link)

If you have industrial décor, you might like the Caged Locker Cabinet. It comes in a dirty white/cream colour layered on metal which has been chipped away in places. There are four spacious drawers with caged wire on the sides. It’s tall but slim so doesn’t take up too much floor space. I thought this might be a great place for storing all your shoes and trainers. The measurements are 99cm high, 32cm wide and 26cm in depth – £150 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

small entrance hall ideas, four drawer locker, industrial style

Caged Locker Cabinet from Urban Outfitters UK (Picture Affiliate Link

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