ascetically pleasing acoustic wall panels

Aesthetically Pleasing Acoustic Wall Panels

At the recent interior trade exhibitions, which I visited as part of the London Design Festival, I noticed some very creative sound absorbing panels. These acoustic wall panels are used to control the sound and reduce noise in spaces. They seem to be growing in popularity and aside from being functional products, they are also becoming aesthetically pleasing. Think works of art and sculptural acoustics rather than chunks of black or grey foam. Here are some of those companies helping businesses and consumers enjoy a better quality of sound with a great choice of artistic acoustic wall panels.

acoustic wall panels, prism, soundtect

Soundtect Sustainable Panel Prism Design

Artistic Acoustic Wall Panels

Commercial and residential properties are both seeking noise reduction and acoustic improvement so it’s good news that manufacturers are finding artistic solutions to this problem. With many of us buying converted properties for living or working, thin walls (and ceilings) need to be addressed. If you have a home cinema, like to play an instrument or pump up the volume on a regular basis then you might want to contain the noise so you don’t upset your neighbours. Or perhaps your expensive wooden floor and the dramatic double-height ceiling is causing an annoying echo effect. Now you can turn these problems into a piece of art which is music to my ears (quiet music that is!). Here are three of the companies I spotted at the recent interior trade shows and the photographs I took of their products.

acoustic wall panels, okka style

Okka Style Pine Needle Panel

Okka Style: This Estonian Company makes luxury decorative wall panels and acoustic panels using Estonian pine needles. These muffle the echo inside a room whilst creating a warm and private atmosphere. Every panel is handmade so you have the option of different sizes and colours. This also provides endless options like including LED lights positioned in the panels or placing the material within doors structures and frames. Not only do they work to reduce noise but they also look amazing.

acoustic wall panels, anne kyyro quinn

Anne Kyyrö Quinn Wool Felt Panel

Anne Kyyrö Quinn: This Finnish-born artist resides in London where she creates stunning custom sculptural acoustic textiles. The collection features a number of pattern structures which can be produced in a wide range of colours. Her three-dimensional organic shapes resemble contemporary works of art featuring 100% wool felt. If you are looking for bespoke acoustic wall coverings, this is the designer for you.

acoustic wall panels, soundtect

Soundtect Sustainable Panel

Soundtect: This Company makes stylish and sustainable acoustic panels for walls and ceilings. These are designed to improve audibility and acoustic quality in spaces suffering from reverberation issues. The sound-absorbing acoustic panels are suitable for any environment needing noise reduction solutions whether that’s commercial or residential. With nine designs including Wave, Cubism, Prism, Tetris, Twig, Splat and more you’ll be able to find something funky and fabulous. These are available in twelve colours with the option for further colours with high quantity orders. You can also paint to match your own scheme. The panels are environmentally friendly because they use 70% recycled polyester. They are a third-generation product which started out as PET bottles.

Good Looking Acoustic Wall Panels

To give you an idea of what these wall panels will look like cladding a wall, Soundtect kindly sent me a selection of their photographs to share with you. The Tetris design is very futuristic which will look just as good in commercial property as it would a home. I love the raised spheres which are so tactile. You can see from this living room set that by using a section on the wall these panels will resemble a piece of art. Alternatively, you can clad the entire wall or suspend from the ceiling. Tetris offers class A absorption which will increase speech intelligibility (that means no more mumbling!) and reduce background noise levels.

acoustic wall panels, tetris, soundtect

Soundtect Tetris Sustainable Panels

Their Cubism design is perfect for cladding a corridor or hallway area. The panels will help reduce reverberation by offering Class A absorption.

acoustic wall panels, cubism, soundtect

Soundtect Cubism Sustainable Panels

If you’re looking for something really special try the fabulous Celeste flowers which offer Class C absorption. Place them on the wall or ceiling to balance reverberation which will give you better sound quality.

acoustic wall panels, celeste flowers, soundtect

Soundtect Celeste Sustainable Panels

Buy Acoustic Wall Panels

If you are interested in improving your home or workspace acoustics you can find these panels from the following websites:

Okka Style
Anne Kyyrö Quinn: Annekyyroquinn

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London and Soundtect. Thanks: Anna Dawson for Soundtect photography.