Affiliate Policy

This information is current as of 25 March 2021.

Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers use Affiliate Marketing as a way to monetise their blog. I am registered with several Affiliate Platforms that partner Advertisers (Brands, Products, Companies, Services, etc.) with Publishers (bloggers).

I generate a trackable link to the Advertisers website. If my readers click on the link, it will be tracked. If that person purchases within several days (Cookie Window), I will earn a small commission. You don’t pay any extra at your end.

Affiliate Partners

I have Affiliate Partnerships with many brands, which you can find on my Links Page. I only agree to partner with brands and products I like and websites to buy products from myself. My Affiliate Partnerships are via the following Networks:

Amazon UK
Rakuten Marketing

Affiliate Links

When I write articles, I will often check for products on Affiliate Partner websites because I like these websites and the products. If I include Affiliate Partners’ products in a Post/Article, it will be clear that it is an Affiliate Link. I note at the end of the article, which is an Affiliate Link. Please note that Affiliate Links are also added to some pictures which are labelled.