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Allplants Plant Based Frozen Meal Delivery Service

Just as I was getting fed up with my own cooking, I discovered the allplants Plant Based Meal Delivery Service. It was great timing because I couldn’t face eating the same rotation of meals again. Like many other people, I had no choice but to embrace home cooking during the pandemic. It was fun at first, but it takes up too much time thinking about what to make for dinner. I’ve been a vegetarian for decades, so I appreciate vegan recipes. However, I find it difficult to avoid eating cheese, and I really should reduce it due to high cholesterol. I contacted allplants about reviewing their vegan frozen meals because I wanted to eat something healthy. They kindly agreed to send me a box of six 100% plant based meals to my home. Read on to discover what I thought about the allplants Plant Based Meal Delivery Service.

allplants plant based frozen meal delivery service mac and greens with salad

Mac and Greens for Two

allplants Plant Based Frozen Meal Menu

First of all, I thought their vegan meal selection was excellent. With over thirty dishes, there are plenty of options covering various cuisines, including Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese and more. We selected the Spiced Aubergine Tagine, Kale and Chickpea Daal, Rainbow Falafel, Three Mushroom Risotto, Teriyaki Udon and Mac and Greens.

allplants plant based frozen meal delivery service mac and greens

Mac and Greens

I was curious to try the Mac and Greens because I’ve had a couple of vegan mac ‘n cheese dishes before, which weren’t enjoyable. The allplants recipe was creamy and filling, and it was the best vegan version I’ve tasted, so that was a great start. If I had to pick three favourites from the meals we selected, it was the Mac and Greens, Teriyaki Udon, Kale, and Chickpea Daal.

allplants plant based frozen meal delivery service teriyaki udon

Teriyaki Udon

I am not a fan of tofu or tempeh, so I was pleased to see that they had enough recipes that omitted these. If you like soy, you may be interested in the Tofu Saag Paneer, Tofu Massaman Curry, Spicy Thai Red Curry with Tofu or Tempeh Rendang Curry. I’m not sure how my aversion began, but I must have eaten some tofu that tasted bland or squidgy in the past. I would probably give one of the Allplants options ago in a bid to quell my dislike of soy.

allplants plant based frozen meal delivery service vegan daal

Kale and Chickpea Daal

Each meal has been carefully constructed by a chef who strives to provide you with a delicious and nutritious meal. Because the meals are frozen, there is no need for preservatives, and they don’t contain any palm oil or GMO. allplants take care of all the hard work; all you have to do is choose your meals, store them in the freezer and pop one in the microwave or oven. The dishes contain at least two of your five a day which means you can snack on a couple of pieces of fruit or add a side salad, and you can pat yourself on the back.

allplants Plant Based Frozen Meal Delivery Service Information

If you are interested in having vegan frozen meals delivered to your doors, you should check out the allplants website. The service is simple to use. Set the meal filters to avoid soy, nuts and gluten. Adjust the spice levels to suit your taste buds. If you are looking for meals under 450 calories, you can opt for the lighter menu. Choose from the oven or microwave meals. Look through the meal selection to build your box of six meals for one or two people.

allplants plant based frozen meal delivery service vegan meals

Selection of Frozen Vegan Meals

At the moment, allplants deliver Tuesday to Saturday. It is free of charge except for Saturday when you need to pay £2.50. My allplants box was delivered by DPD, who gave me a one-hour slot on the day. I know my DPD guy very well because he delivered most of the furniture and home accessories when I moved into my apartment. He turned up on time with my allplants box, and we had a brief chat about him working at the weekend. I unpacked my meals, put them into the freezer and felt relaxed because I didn’t have to do any food shopping for the next few days!

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