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If you would like a Sponsored Post (Advertorials, Paid Features, Paid Articles) in Homegirl London, the London Lifestyle Blog, please submit your client for approval. If accepted, you will be emailed a price (valid for 14 days). Please note that the Homegirl London Blog does not allow content written by other parties or guest posts under any circumstances. If you want to appear in my blog you will need to pay for a Sponsored Post. See below for information about the Sponsored Post offering. I also provide a cost effective Sponsored Link Placement option, please see information at the bottom of this page. Click here for a full list of Consultancy Services.

Sponsored Post Content Includes

  • SEO structured post
  • Written in the blog style and format
  • 300-600 words depending on post subject
  • Includes lifestyle featured image
  • Mood Board Jpeg image created for the post
  • Or selection of images may be used instead
  • Introduction paragraph with SEO phrase
  • Sentence about each item shown in Mood Board Jpeg
  • Closing paragraph about your business with website link
  • One anchor text link to homepage or category
  • ‘This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising’ will be written at the end of the article, it will be tagged Sponsored Post and Advert, it will say Advert at the top of the page
  • The post is guaranteed to remain on the blog for one year

Homegirl London does not include direct product links in posts as these create dead links when products are removed from your website. Instead home page links or category links are used along with individual product codes if available.

Homegirl London supplies an invoice with all the Publisher Sponsored Post Terms and Conditions detailed so both parties understand what is delivered for the price. Homegirl London does not sign advertiser contracts.

You fill in a briefing sheet to ensure all your key points are communicated. A story outline will be submitted, once accepted, it will be written up. You can review the copy before it is published to make minor changes.

Click here to see Sponsored Post Examples.

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Complementary Sponsored Post Social Media Support

  • 10 pieces of social media support
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn (depending on content available, i.e. photographic images)
  • Relevant images, hashtags, @
  • Will say ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored Post’
  • Please note: Instagram is reserved for photographs taken by Homegirl London, you will need to pay an additional fee for this

The 10 pieces of social media support is complementary and offered as a gesture by Homegirl London to Clients paying for Sponsored Posts. There is no discount for the Sponsored Post price by removing the social media support. Homegirl London will use the social media channels, content and hashtags she feels are appropriate including the words ‘Sponsored’/’Ad’/’Advert’ etc.

If you would like to have a more controlled approach over the social media support, you are more than welcome to pay an additional fee.

Full Sponsored Post payment in advance via PayPal. Please note that the prices are not negotiable.

If you would like analytics for the Sponsored Post and social media please notify Homegirl London in advance, this costs £50.

Sponsored Link Placement Option

If you are looking for a Link Placement in a London Lifestyle Blog rather than paying for a Sponsored Post, please submit your client for consideration. If the service, brand or product is a good fit for my blog I can write an article about a suitable subject matter which will feature my affiliate partners. Your link will be included within a relevant sentence in the upper body of the page content (not the introduction paragraph). The link can be to your homepage or a relevant section on your website. It can be a text anchor and follow link depending on your requirements. The post will state that you have paid for inclusion in the same way a Sponsored Post does. The price is £40 for the link within an appropriate sentence. £50 for a paragraph. If you would also like to include a photograph it will be an additional £10. There is absolutely no negotiation on these price points so please do not ask. Payment must be made in full via PayPal. The post is guaranteed to remain on the blog for a minimum of one year (in reality much longer but I only guarantee a year). You will have no editorial control over the post content as you are only paying for a link. Click here to see Sponsored Link Examples.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in a Sponsored Post or Sponsored Link Placement please get in touch. I will need to verify who you are so will ask for your LinkedIn Profile or another means of identification.