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Amazing Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery

A weekly Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery kept me going through another COVID lockdown. I decided to go with the flow and try to make the most of being at home with nowhere to go except for a daily walk! My focus for the lockdown was improving what I ate and trying not to go shopping more than I had to. The weekly Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery helped improve the quality of the vegetables and salad we ate and expand my recipe repertoire, which has got to be a good thing!

abel and cole organic food delivery veg salad

Organic Veg and Salad

Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery Review

My partner and I now order the Organic Seasonal Salad and Veg Box weekly. We are delighted with the contents, which vary according to the season. This week the box will contain beetroot, butternut squash, French beans, bunched radish, cucumber, pea shoots, sweet mixed salad and vine tomatoes. The Organic Seasonal Salad and Veg Box costs £15 and includes eight portions which I think is quite reasonable.

abel and cole organic food delivery veg box

Seasonal Veg and Salad Box

Sometimes the box will include an item we wouldn’t usually buy that often, so we have experimented with recipes. For example, the butternut squash led us to make a butternut and sage risotto. I don’t usually cook risotto because it is too time-consuming; however, during the lockdown, I had a lot of extra time! We’ve been making coleslaw with red cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes and fennel. We may add extras to our order like plantains, Padron peppers or green cauliflower, which are quite difficult to source unless we go to Borough Market or specialist shops.

abel and cole organic food delivery extra veg

Green Cauliflower, Padron Peppers and More

The taste of the veg and salad is noticeably nicer than buying similar products from the supermarket. Because the food has travelled less and isn’t left on the supermarket shelves, the salad and veg stay fresh for longer. Having the items delivered straight to our apartment has cut down our trips to the grocery store, which has meant more time doing other things. Yeah, I know there haven’t been many other things to do during the lockdown, but I’d rather be out walking than queuing in a supermarket. However, I enjoy popping into delis and specialist shops that have sprung up close to home as they are less crowded, and I’m trying to support independent shops when I can.

abel and cole organic food delivery milk eggs

Organic Eggs and Milk

We have since added organic eggs and milk to our weekly order. Each time we try a different bread from the list, which includes Seven Seeded Sourdough, Malted Five Seed Sourdough, Long Fermentation Bread, Olive Bread, Traditional Soda Bread and more. When the loaf arrives, I cut it up, leave a few slices out and put the rest in the freezer to spread it out during the week.

abel and cole organic food delivery prune and almond tart

Prune and Almond Tart

As a treat, we have been choosing a different cake each week. I can vouch for the Carrot Cake, Prune and Almond Tart and the Chocolate and Almond Flourless Torte. However, I will admit that the cakes don’t last more than a few days in our home because they are so good. The savoury tarts are also delicious and worth trying.

Give The Abel and Cole Organic Food Delivery A Go

If you want to eat good quality organic fruit, veg and salad, try one of the Abel and Cole boxes. You can do your entire weekly shop online because they sell meat, fish, baked goods, pantry staples, drinks, and even cleaning products. You have the peace of mind that all products and ingredients are organic. Check online to determine if they deliver to your area. We finalise our order on Monday for the Wednesday delivery. Ordering is effortless, with options to order in advance and to set items for weekly, every other week, etc. If you want to improve your eating, visit Able and Cole. You can thank me later! Not everyone can afford to order lovely organic groceries, so be mindful of helping others if you can. Please donate to a local food bank, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London.