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Ten Best Interior Design Trends 2021

I’ve listed what I think are the Ten Best Interior Designs Trends 2021 from the interior industry/interior publication predictions with some of my own twists and interpretations. We had high hopes for the new decade in 2020, but it wasn’t a good year. The anticipation that a COVID vaccine will help the world resume ‘normal’ life means that we can start dreaming of an exotic holiday or lounging around a swimming pool in the Mediterranean. The Ten Best Interior Design Trends 2021 are a return to happier times with plenty of dreaming about far-flung exotic holidays!

10 Best Interior Design Trends 2021:

1. Grand Granny Cottage

2. Handmade Crafts

3. New Purpose

4. Vintage Salvage

5. Not So Shabby Chic

6. Far-Flung

7. Med Memories

8. Down to Earth

9. Nature Inside

10. Thoughtful Tech

ten best interior design trends 2021 heals

Fritz Hansen NO2 Dark Blue Recycled Chair Made From Recycled Plastic Waste, £228 from Heal’s

My Favourite Ten Best Interior Design Trends 2021

ten best interior design trends 2021 anthropologie

Alice Archer Armchair with White-Rose Garden Inspired Pattern (4528088310271), £998 from Anthropologie (UK)

Grand Granny Cottage: After 2020 was the year we stayed at home due to COVID; being homely and feeling cosy was something most of us craved. Two interior décor terms you may be familiar with are “Grandmillennial’ and “Cottagecore”, which is an update on granny interiors and cute cottage décor. Think rose prints and gingham patterns for wallpaper or upholstery. Don’t go too over the top; keep a happy medium between maximalism and minimalism so that you don’t feel hemmed in or overwhelmed! I’d opt for a floral upholstered occasional chair and a pattern feature wall in the living room or perhaps a patchwork quilt in the bedroom.

ten best interior design trends 2021 lsa international

Organic Shape Mouth-Blown Glass Vessel Vase, £65 from LSA International

Handmade Crafts: An appreciation for handmade objects and furniture is going to be big for interiors. Buy mouth-blown vases, handwoven rugs and artisan-made armchairs. This trend harks back to the 19th Century Arts and Crafts movement, and I’m pleased about this revival. Check out heritage paint colours and patterns from the Arts and Crafts movement for inspiration.

ten best interior design trends 2021 frenchic paint

Nougat from The Lazy Range at Frenchic Paint

New Purpose: A throwaway culture is no longer an option as our oceans fill up with plastic, and we feel concerned about polluting the planet. After being on lockdown, we have learnt new crafts and are ready to unleash these creative talents in our homes. Look around to see what you can reuse, repurpose or upcycle. That piece of furniture you have been thinking about throwing away could be painted with Frenchic Paint and the handles replaced. If you are buying furniture or home accessories, choose recycled plastic and other materials which have been re-used.

ten best interior design trends 2021 vinterior vintage drinks cabinet

Hand Painted Upcycled Vintage Drinks Cabinet (product code: 18648745), £1395 from Vinterior

Vintage Salvage: It’s time to buy old rather than new. Start shopping at antique stores and junk shops for vintage furniture. Try online marketplaces like Vinterior, where you can purchase fabulous furniture pieces from the past. Salvage and reclamation yards are worth exploring, where you can seek out a stunning fireplace or butler sink for your kitchen.

ten best interior design trends 2021 vinterior sideboard

Large French Vintage Sideboard Dresser in Raw Wood Limited Oak (31300222), £1195 from Vinterior

Not So Shabby Chic: The shabby chic interior style is often associated with being a bit twee and sometimes a tad messy. From now on, it isn’t too shabby, and it’s a bit less of a cliché. Choose a few pieces of beautiful furniture and mirrors but forget the clutter.

ten best interior design trends 2021 etsy uk

Exotic Hawaiian Plants and Flowers peel and Stick Wall Décor, £15.70+ from X Wall Colors at Etsy UK

Far-Flung: With a lack of travelling in 2020 and disrupted vacation time, we will be yearning for an exotic holiday. As soon as we have our COVID vaccines and are allowed to travel, we will book our trip. Your tropical wallpaper with palm leaves will still look fabulous. Safari animal-themed patterns and home accessories will also be popular.

ten best interior design trends 2021 benjamin moore aegean teal

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year is Aegean Teal 2136-40 from Benjamin Moore Paint

Med Memories: Interior colours for 2021 include blue hues, which will remind us of the ocean. Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year is Aegean Teal 2136-40. Aegean Teal is a blue-green blend with calming qualities to help you reset and reflect. It is a colour which reminds one of a Mediterranean holiday with blue skies, blue-green sea, sandy beach and whitewashed houses.

ten best interior design trends 2021 earth palette dulux

Dulux Brave Ground Colour of the Year from Dulux

Down to Earth: Dulux announced Brave Ground as their Colour of the Year 2020. The neutral tone will ground your interiors and help you feel calm. Earthy and natural wall colours, along with natural materials (bamboo, rattan, etc.), will be a lovely interior trend to explore.

ten best interior design trends 2021 cuckooland

Vox Worknest Desk with Slatted Screen (product code: 59945), £795 from Cuckooland

Nature Inside: During 2020, we appreciated our daily walk when we could be with nature. Bringing nature into your home is always a beautiful thing to do, and indoor plants are an excellent way to add a touch of greenery. Floral patterns, green tones and earthy hues will all help you bring nature inside.

ten best interior design trends 2021 amazon uk

4th Generation Echo Smart Home Hub with Alexa, £69.99 from Amazon UK

Thoughtful Tech: During 2020, tech became more important to us with track and trace apps to help the fight against COVID. As people become more tech-savvy and realise how helpful it can be, expect an increasing use of tech in the home. It can help save money and keep your house secure. Home Hubs like Alexa are becoming part of the family.

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